South Coast Windows uses the self-cleaning, Biotech Aqua, Cool Line Grey or Activ Blue roof units. These ranges of solar control glass are attractive and combine dual-action, self-cleaning properties coupled with the solar performance for a cooler internal environment.

They are designed for the optimum roof unit as these products incorporate revolutionary new glass. The glass uses daylight and rainwater to break down and then wash away any organic dirt from the exterior surfaces. This makes it ideal to keep clean those hard to reach places. The unique colour tint on the product also helps to maintain cool internal temperatures whilst still keeping the light transmittance high.

If you require optimum self-cleaning and thermal performance, then consider these superb solar glasses with Planibel A or Low Iron glasses.

Glass that has an attractive tint also offers excellent aesthetics, optimum performance and solar control performance. The glass will work at night and on cloudy days. The coating that is on the glass lasts the lifetime of the glass.

If you would like more information or a quote on incorporating the active range of glass into your windows, please feel free to contact us on  0800 389 5957.