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Patio doors are ideal for letting in natural light and helping to make a room brighter, without letting the warmth out of your home. South Coast Windows are proud to be able to supply and install the best quality uPVC double glazed patio doors in Surrey and the surrounding areas, and we can demonstrate this with our wonderful range displayed here.

If you want to ‘bring the garden’ closer to your home, then a nice set of patio doors can help you to achieve this. What better way to enjoy your garden on a rainy day, than from the comfort of your living room?

Our Patio Door Guarantees:

10-year guarantee * ‘A’ rating sealed units * 2,3 or 4 panes * Opening sections fitted with anti-lift devices

Up to £500 off with every free online quote.

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The Benefits of uPVC Patio Doors

UPVC patio doorsThere are a number of benefits to choosing uPVC over other materials for your patio doors.

The first benefit to making uPVC your choice is that it is good for saving energy. The modern technology that goes into patio doors provides ‘A’ rating sealed units, in order to ensure high insulation levels. The advancements in glass help to keep the room they’re installed in cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold, thereby making your newly purchased doors energy efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing.

You will start to see results when you get your energy bills and notice that they are lower than usual, which also means that fitting uPVC patio doors is also cost-effective and can even save you money in the long term.

As a material, uPVC is also very low maintenance in comparison to others. Timber, for instance, will sometimes require sanding, varnishing and repainting, while uPVC will only have to be washed now and again with clean, soapy water to prevent staining caused by dirt. It is extremely durable as well, and can last for years without having to be repaired or replaced.

The coating on the uPVC is also resistant to fading in sunlight, as it is protected from UV rays. As such, it will maintain its attractive look for longer, giving your home the look you want and have always dreamed of, with less effort than it would take to keep other materials.

The level of security in your home will also be increased with double glazed uVPC patio doors, as the frames are reliably sturdy, the glass is strong and will hold in place even if it shatters, and the doors have a number of locking combinations that mean your home will be kept safe and secure, no matter if you are at home, work or even further afield.

The material will also help to soundproof your home, alongside the soundproofing already supplied by the double glazing in the windows. You can reduce noise levels by up to 50% by installing double glazed uPVC patio doors, allowing you to enjoy the peace and quiet in your living or dining room, while the noise outside passes.

The Styles We Offer

Patio doors are available in either 2, 3 or 4 pane, with one or two sections sliding dependant on the configuration. These are known as uPVC bifold patio doors, or uPVC tri fold patio doors, depending on the number of sections they have that can be folded back. They differ from sliding patio doors because of this, as uPVC sliding patio doors cannot fold and have to be pushed and pulled from side to side to be opened.

We also have uPVC French doors available for installation, which differ from our other styles in that they open outwards, rather than fold or slide. Whichever you style you want, we will be able to provide it for you.

All opening sections are also fitted with anti-lift devices in the locking system, to maintain the high security levels you need for your home. We want to give our customers peace of mind with our products, so you can be sure that everything we sell, from our uPVC sliding doors to our uPVC

Who Should Install uPVC Patio Doors?

The installation of patio doors often requires a fair amount of experience, so it is always recommended that you call in the experts to get the perfect installation. Poorly fitted patio doors can end up costing a person more, whether through having to be re-fitted or through loss of heat due to gaps and cracks between the doorframe and the rest of your property.

There might also be a risk to yourself and the rest of your home, if you are inexperienced and have never attempted an installation project before.
Call us today and we will be able to provide more advice on the best installation methods for patio doors, or book with us and we will be delighted to install them for you.

Get Your uPVC Patio Doors from South Coast Today

South Coast Windows regularly supply and install a huge variety of uPVC patio doors in the regions of Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Hampshire, and we are happy to take the hassle of installing the doors off your shoulders. We have had years of experience and we know how to adjust uPVC patio doors so that they are just the way you want them, with no problems or a need for reinstallation after.

Get those large uPVC sliding patio doors for the perfect view of your garden, or the tri fold patio doors to complement the stylish, modern look of your home. We can supply and install it all, for a fair price that won’t hurt your budget.

Take a look at the different styles of uPVC patio doors for sale, all available now from South Coast Windows.