5 Benefits of Wooden Sash Windows

Sash windows are a wonderful addition to any property and have numerous benefits. If you’re replacing your sash windows with timber alternatives, you want to know that your new windows will stand the test of time. Although timber has been used in windows for decades, how reliable is it really? Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of wooden sash windows so that you can see for yourself why this window style has been rapidly growing in popularity over the years.

1. Timber is an Environmentally Friendly Material

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Ethically sourced timber is one of the most environmentally friendly sash window materials available today. Timber uses the lowest amount of energy in its processing, production, and transport, making it a popular material for many homeowners looking to purchase new sash windows.

What’s more, timber also has an extremely long life-span and this can be extended even after the windows are replaced, through re-use and recycling. If you go with a high-quality window company and ensure they source their timber from environmentally, sustainable managed forests, you can ensure your timber will have come from a good place.

2. Timber Looks Beautiful

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One of the main reasons timber sash windows are so incredibly popular is because they achieve a beautiful aesthetic in your home. Wooden window frames are known for adding a certain charm and character to properties, increasing value and altogether improving the look of a building.

Remember, if you live in a listed building, having timber sash windows installed may be a requirement as it is important for retaining the authenticity and value of the property. But with such high-quality timber sash windows available these days, they look good and last a long time, so what more could you want?

3. Timber can be Painted, Stained, and Carved

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If you have a certain aesthetic in mind for the décor and design of your property, it is more than understandable that you want your new timber sash windows to match that. Another benefit of wooden windows is that they can be painted, stained, and carved to suit your taste. So, if you want neutral tones to match your wallpaper or a pop of colour to make your home stand out on the street, timber can be painted, stained, or even carved to suit your requirements.

4. Timber is a Natural Insulator

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In today’s world of renewable energy and green living, many of us are looking to reduce the energy usage in our homes. Timber is beneficial because it is a natural insulator, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home by retaining heat in the winter and keeping your home cooler during hot summer days.

The natural insulating properties of timber sash windows are particularly popular during those long frosty winters and have the added benefit of keeping your energy bill remarkably low.

5. Structural Integrity that Offers Security

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Security is something all homeowners want and should require from their windows. After all, nobody wants their home broken into and when it comes to installing new sash windows, security is at the top of most peoples’ lists. Thankfully, timber doesn’t just look great, it also provides homes with excellent security, thanks to its structural integrity.

Wood provides homeowners with more structural integrity than any other material. The natural cellulose found timber provides the strength and durability needed for your wooden sash windows to withstand years of changeable English weather. And when constructed properly, wooden sash windows can last just as long (if not longer) than any other material used in construction today.

What About Required Maintenance?

One of the main reasons homeowners avoid purchasing timber sash windows is because they assume significant maintenance will be required on a regular basis. And let’s be honest, most of us don’t have time for that.

However, what you may not realise is just how little maintenance timber sash windows require. Technology has come a long way and what were once common problems, such as rotting, peeling and blistering of timber, are now a thing of the past. Factory-finished windows are professionally painted which negates the need for maintenance or re-painting for up to 8 years! And all timber windows are not protected against rot and peeling or blistering using special varnishes and wood protection coats.

South Coast Windows Provide Timber Products

Here at South Coast Windows, we are proud to provide our customers with a beautiful selection of high-quality timber sash windows. All our windows are double glazed, aesthetically pleasing, and offer fantastic security all year round.

If you would like to find out more about wooden sash windows and how they could benefit your property, check out the South Coast Windows website today for more information.

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