What is a Composite Door and Why are they Worth the Investment?

What is a Composite Door?

what is a composite door

Composite doors are renowned for their exceptional durability and aesthetic design choices. They combine a variety of materials to help create a door capable of withstanding constant traffic and abuse. They are the newest type of door used in homes and are popular choices because of their combined aesthetics and durability properties.

Why Choose a Composite Door?

why choose a composite door?

While there are several different types of door builds you can select to secure your property, not all come with the security commonly associated with composite doors. Everything from the materials used in their creation to the aesthetic design, offer a far more secure and quality door design capable of withstanding seasonal temperate changes and general wear and tear. Secured by design, composite doors seamlessly combine durability with a timeless design, offering your home added security at an affordable price.

What are Composite Doors Made From?

composite door question

While there may be some minor material differences depending on the creator’s preferences, almost all composite doors are made from the following:

  • Composite PVC subframe for exceptional stability
  • PVCu outer frame (with galvanised steel reinforcement)
  • A hardwood inner frame lining
  • Polyurethane inner foam core

Thanks to the solid and durable combination of materials used, doors made from composite materials have a life expectancy of approximately 35 years if the hinges are oiled annually.

Are there Different Qualities of Doors?

Composite door materials vary depending on manufacturer preferences. South Coast Windows only uses quality materials when constructing composite doors. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

What is the Difference Between Composite and uPVC Doors?

upvc vs composite door

While uPVC doors are known for their low maintenance and strong durability properties, they don’t offer the same level of security as composite doors. This is because several materials are used in the construction composite doors, all of which work together to create an extremely strong frame. The door frame itself is made to be extremely strong, and this is combined with glass-reinforced plastic which further enhances the door’s security.

If your door does come under physical abuse and the glass is broken, it won’t fall from the door. Instead, it will shatter, but remain in place.

There are also distinct design elements to consider. Composite doors are generally designed to resemble wooden doors because this design is timeless and merges seamlessly with all properties. The main difference and benefit with composite doors is that unlike wooden doors, they won’t lose their colour over time. The door requires little to no maintenance to keep their colour, a simple wipe down is all that will be required.

How Much Does a Composite Door Cost?

There are several factors that affect cost, including:

  • Door style and size
  • Door colour
  • Security additions
  • Installation costs

Our composite door prices are priced at just £995 and come in a selection of exceptional colours. We also offer glazing options if you’d like to add extra more character and charm.

Alternatively, you can design your own composite door using our colour palette and selecting your preferred glazing options, incorporating leafs, bevels and colours and plain type. Simply get in touch with our experienced designers to learn more about how we can transform the entrance to your property.

Key Benefits of Installing a Composite Door

Composite doors come with several benefits, the biggest of which is added security to your home. We have outlined a few other key advantages of installation below:

Little to no maintenance – composite doors benefit from requiring minimal upkeep once installed. Only requiring a quick wipe down with a damp cloth every once in a while, their complex composition allows them to be weather resistant and repel years of abuse and traffic.

Energy efficiency – according to The Telegraph, composite doors combine the benefits of a “modern-looking door with energy-efficient properties” – saving you a small fortune in thermal efficiency in the long run.

Added security – as previously discussed, they benefit from a composition of different build materials, enhancing security features and lifespan.

Aesthetics – last but not least, they do not sacrifice aesthetics in favour of security. The combination of durable materials and a wood-inspired aesthetics help create a timeless design made from several high quality materials.

Secure Your Property Today

Composite doors offer unparalleled security regarding the entrance to your home. Our front doors come in a variety of colours and combine a variety of materials to create a super strong door frame. Peace of mind is guaranteed and our team are here to help you with your choice and installation.