What are French Doors, Where Did They Originate, and What are the Benefits?

The French doors we sell and install at South Coast Home Improvements are made to stand the test of time. Not only do our beautiful designs add aesthetic value to your home, they also match your décor and provide security all year round. Our French doors are versatile, double-glazed, and professionally fitted. Whether your property is traditional, shabby chic, or modern, our internal French doors are the perfect choice.

The Origination of the French Door

Single-paned French doors

The French door style was first developed in 17th century France. It was created as a solution to dimly-lit homes. Therefore, the doors were designed in much the same ways windows were. However, the glass panes were purposely made to extend most of the doors length, letting in as much of the summer sun as possible. Even today, the doors are still mostly made of glass, brightening homes without compromising energy-efficiency or security.

What Characterises a French Door?

Traditionally characterised by hinged double doors, French doors allow for full access to the width of the opening. The French doors we install are commonly situated to open out onto your garden, conservatory or patio area. This allows more light into your home and provides a seamless transition between your house and the garden.

French doors are popular for providing a beautiful, traditional garden door, while also providing security and function. As the doors are set with uniform glass panels, they allow lots of natural light into your house without sacrificing space or efficiency. French doors are a popular door choice for many of our customers because they offer a modern, stylish, and stunning aesthetic to any property type.

How Much Do French Doors Cost?

The cost of French doors will depend on the material type you choose. For example, UPVC is much more affordable than traditional timber. The size of the doors will also affect cost, as the bigger the doors you require are, the higher the price may be.

However, at South Coast Home Improvements we are passionate about providing affordable products and services. That’s why we provide a wide range of French doors for sale at great prices. Whatever your budget, we’re confident we can find a solution that works well for you.

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What are the Security Features?

French doors inside house

Many people assume that French doors are woefully unsecure. However, this is no longer correct. Manufacturing and designs have improved dramatically over the years, making these doors some of the most secure available.

At South Coast Home Improvements, all our French doors are fully secure and specifically designed with numerous security features, such as high-quality locks and fully-adjustable hinges. What’s more, we fit double-glazed and toughened glass in all our doors, making it extra difficult for intruders to break through.

The Different Types of French Doors

If you’re considering a French door for your home, there are a number of different options available. The 3 most common types are listed below:

External Doors

These are the doors that lead outside, most commonly onto your patio or into your outdoor space. The external French doors can open both inwards and outwards that we sell, but all feature large glass panes that allow in plenty of natural light.

Interior Doors

Fitting French doors in your home’s interior is a great way of giving the illusion of extra space. Stylish interior doors allow more light into your home than ever before and work to stylishly divide two rooms, creating a more functional and beautiful living space.

Sliding Patio Doors

There are some French doors that are designed specifically to slide open and closed. While not the traditional design, there is a certain charm to doors slide open and closed as they allow for plenty of room to pass in and out of the house. Sliding French patio doors are a popular choice for many.

The Best Materials for French Doors

While UPVC is the most affordable material and an excellent way of enjoying the benefits of French doors at a fraction of the cost, there are a number of great materials to choose from.

Composite Material

Composite is a material used extensively in the building industry and is extremely long-lasting, durable, and easy to maintain. Made out of glass reinforced polymers, composite doors will help make your home more secure.

Aluminium Doors

If you want to install doors knowing they will last for many years to come without wearing down, there is no better material than aluminium. This strong and durable material is able to withstand corrosion – perfect if you live by the sea – and has excellent insulation properties.

Timber Doors

The most traditional door material available, timber is a popular choice. There are many different types of timber you can choose from and they can either be varnished or painted to suit your property’s style and décor.

The Benefits of Installing French Doors

French doors
  • Versatility (can open inwards and outwards)
  • We can make doors to match your décor
  • Our French doors are customisable
  • French doors let in plenty of natural light
  • Make your home seem bigger and brighter
  • Raise the value of your home

Installation by the South Coast Experts

The exterior of your home can say just as much about you as the interior, and having the right doors installed can make a significant difference. At South Coast Home Improvements, we are dedicated to providing professional French door installation for all our customers. Whatever design you choose, we can fit it securely and efficiently into your home so that you can enjoy the benefits for many years to come. What’s more, if you purchase the doors we sell, you can enjoy the following guarantees:

  • Secure and properly fitted
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Toughened glass that is difficult to break
  • Weather resistant and colourfast
  • Several handle colours to choose from

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