Pilkingtons is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of obscure glass. The glass can be customised when you place your order to fit your exact requirements. Patterned glass is used for privacy reasons such as bathroom windows. The obscure glass from Pilkington’s is called textured glass as if you run your hand over the glass it is textured.

There are 5 levels of obscurity, 1 being the least and 5 the highest level. All the levels still provide maximum light and a nice decorative window. Only one pane of the glass in the sealed unit has the pattern and unlike years gone by, the pattern now goes outside allowing the Inside low ‘E’ pane to work effectively.

The following levels can be chosen from our patterned/textured window quote page here.

The range of obscurity can be seen from the images below. In each image there is a clock behind the glass.

The harder the clock is to see, the more obscure the glass pattern.

Artic LEVEL 415

Autumn LEVEL 314

Chantilly LEVEL 213

Charcoal sticks LEVEL 412

Contora LEVEL 411

Cotswold LEVEL 510

Digital LEVEL 39

Everglade LEVEL 58

Flemish LEVEL 27

Florielle LEVEL 46

Mayflower LEVEL 45

Minster LEVEL 24

Oak LEVEL 43

Stippolyte LEVEL 42

Tafetta LEVEL 31

Please contact us for more information or if you have any specific requirements about the glass mentioned here.