Accurate Dimensions

All of our windows are manufactured using state of the art technology. This includes the CNC (computer numerically controlled) cutting machine which ensures that sections are sized and cut correctly. The multi-headed welders weld all four corners and other integral joints at the same time and this ensures the correct sizes and the integrity of the frame.

Holes in the correct place
A UPVC window with one opener has 8 holes drilled into it as well as 20 screw holes. The machine technology ensures that all our UPVC windows have the right holes that are always in the right place.

Outer Frame
The 70mm depth of the outer window frame tends to cover more of the gap that is left over from the old window. This will mean less plastering or painting on the internal décor. The outer frame sits next to the brickwork.

Internally Glazed
The majority of windows are internally glazed, however, there are still a few exceptions. If a window is internally glazed it has a sealed glass unit that is held in place by the beads on the inside. The main benefit of this is that you can glaze and bead the window from inside the house and it is very difficult to remove the glazing beads from the outside.

Low Line Gaskets
The black rubber gaskets that are usually in view all around the frame are virtually concealed from view as we use low line gaskets.

Steel Reinforced
The UPVC windows are all steel reinforced to a written specification using rolled steel sections. A UPVC window is not load bearing and will not work correctly if it is. Where necessary, reinforcing on the white profiles is used. It is also applied exclusively to the foil profiles where it is required to counteract thermal expansion.

An external 150mm sill – This is included FREE. 99% of windows will require a sill.

Key Locking Handles – There is the option to choose from white, gold, black and chrome. White handles are standard.

Stainless Steel Hinges – We use a 4.8mm diameter screw that is specially sourced for this purpose. The opener is the working part of the window.