South Coast Windows can provide a wide range of savings and deals on our range of UPVC doors in the Surrey, Hampshire and Kent areas.  It might sound corny, but our UPVC doors card is definitely a top trumps card. We have been supplying UPVC doors for 35 years to domestic, trade and commercial.

We have learnt that two of the most important parts of UPVC doors are the locks and hinges.

This is one of the reasons why we only fit the best and highest quality in door locks.

Three Flag hinges can support over 200kg and also adjusts in three different ways.

The door locks, that are British made, have ten locking points. There are two opposing locking claws and 3 dead bolts. This means that the door lock engages into a metal keep which then runs the whole length of the door jamb.

Importantly the compression cams, which are small cams help pull the double weather seals on the door tightly together.

The small cams are independently adjustable with an Allen key. The front door is fitted with three flag hinges and this allows adjustment of up to 6mm in three directions. These are up and down, left to right and then inward and outward.

Getting the right sizes for your new UPVC Door is not difficult. Please read through the following guidelines.