Panel Doors

The entrance door of today is extremely sophisticated both in its design & security.

The locking systems are universal whether for front entrance use, or porch, side or rear doors. All enjoy multipoint locking with at least 2, & sometimes 3 hook bolts.

The design/appearance of entrance or front doors can in this day & age, be varied to suit almost every taste & budget, from the simple moulded panel without glass, to panels with up to 6 double glazed sections, & can incorporate either clear, patterned, leaded, Georgian, coloured & even bevelled designs within them.

The range is extremely wide but we have many catalogues that we can bring to show you.

Probably more than appearance the most important feature of our door panels is that every one is fully reinforced, what this means to our valued customer is that if any prospective burglar tried to kick the door panel in, the result will more than likely be a very sore leg or foot & a very disappointed & sore burglar!

Back to beauty, the doors & panels are available in white & in Mahogany, Cherrywood/Rosewood & light oak grains.