The installation of French doors really can improve a home. However, if you have any questions or require more information on French doors then browse these FAQ’s or get in touch for a quote.

1. / Does the price include the frame?
Yes, the French doors that we supply include the frame. The French doors leaves are then fixed by their hinges to the outer frame.

2. / Are the French doors internally beaded?
Yes. All the products from South Coast Windows have the glazing bead on the inside so they are internally beaded.

3. / Are the French doors supplied with the glass in place?
The French doors are supplied unglazed with the glass sealed units not glazed into the doors. This is because the weight of the French doors, when glazed, exceeds HSE limits and the sealed units must also be toe and heeled once the unglazed French door has been fitted plumb and square in the brickwork. Pre-glazed French doors will have been glazed in factory conditions and, therefore, cannot replicate individual site conditions.

4. / Is the glass easy to break as it is supplied loose?
The glass is toughened glass and as the name implies this is difficult to break with a hammer, so not really.

5. / Can the French doors be made to 1494mm wide by 2085mm high?
All of our French doors are custom made to meet customer specific requirements. There are limits to how big the doors can be made, but in most circumstances an addition of top box or sidelights can include most sizes.

6. / Is an external sill supplied and should this be included in the height that I give you?
Yes. An external 150mm sill is included in the price. The height supplied by the customer must be the brickwork opening sizes minus the fitting tolerance normal opening size -10mm.
Sill height of 30mm is deducted from the overall size and then we make the French doors to that height as it will be the correct height when the sill is added back on.

7. / Can the French doors that you make be open inwards?
Yes, the French doors can be made to open inwards as well as outwards.

8. / Are open outward French doors unsecure?
The hinges on outward French doors are located on the outside face of the door but are protected by a metal cover plate, hardened steel pin and the metal carrier. The hinge screws can only be removed by removing the metal hinge cover which would need to have someone who is very determined.

9. / Are the French doors available in a different colour to white?
Yes. South Coast Windows manufacturer French doors in a wide range of colours & woodgrain finishes.

10. / Can I order chrome, gold or black handles for my French doors?
Yes. There are several handle colours to choose from.

11. / I have seen French doors with two handles – do you do these at South Coast Windows?
Yes. You can specify double handles. The standard is one handle on the master door.

If you require any more information or require a quote on fitting French doors in Surrey, Sussex, Kent or Hampshire get in touch.