T Shape

This style of conservatory brings together some of the other designs in a combination to create what looks from above like a letter ‘T’.  A ‘T’ can be formed with 2 sections of lean-to & a gable front, or 2 sections of double hipped Edwardian & an Edwardian or gable & other options.  It provides the facility for a long conservatory with an exciting design that can enhance & compliment even the largest of properties.  It can be constructed to blend in with old or new properties & can provide large & interesting living space.  Quite often this style of conservatory can be sub-divided into 2 or more separate living areas allowing you to have possibly a dining area at one end, a playroom at the other & a sunroom in the centre.

Constructed with the same high quality, high insulation & high security products as our other conservatories this exciting living space can be used & enjoyed all year round.

All conservatories are bespoke & made to your sizes & requirements.

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