The Edwardian conservatory is an excellent way to maximise space; being square or rectangular, it ensures that almost every bit of space is fully useable.  We can provide this type of conservatory either built on low brick walls, fully glazed to the ground, or with insulated panels, designed to suit your taste & budget.

The Edwardian roof style generally has 3 pitched, or sloping sides running up to a horizontal ridge plate, & fits against a flat wall, although with the introduction of a box gutter & an extra pitch, it becomes a double hipped Edwardian, which can be built onto a low building or bungalow.  The extra height of this Edwardian style of roof gives a great feeling of space & height inside the conservatory.

Using either multi-walled polycarbonate or self-cleaning insulated glass units, this classy extension to your home provides a room that can be used & enjoyed all year round.  At a much lower cost than an extension, an Edwardian conservatory can give you that much needed space that you can use as a dining room, play room, study, den, sitting room, or whatever you need it for.

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