What is CE Marking?


CE marking is essentially a passport for products to be sold throughout Europe with its aim to harmonise European Standards/Norms (hEN) requirements.

CE marking demonstrates that the product meets essential characteristic levels within individual product standards (windows and doors – hEN 14351-1). These are confirmed by the manufacturer via a declaration which states the characteristic values of the product manufactured.

From 1st July 2013, CE marking becomes mandatory for all building and construction products. Therefore, external windows and doors must be CE marked if they are manufactured after this date and it is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the finished product to ensure that it conforms to the relevant standards.

Windows & Doors do not need to carry a permanent CE marking label as affixing a permanent label would affect the aesthetics, but it should be on associated documentation & the declarations of performance (DoP’s) should be available for reference when requested.

Please click on the links below to view DoP’s specific to our products.

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