Why Sash Window Replacement is Better than Repair

As experts in the installation of sash windows, we know how important window replacement is if your original windows are damaged or old. The lifespan of your sash windows is drastically affected by the location and conditions you live in. For example, if you live near the coast your windows are far more likely to age faster and be susceptible to damage from the weather.

Age is also a significant factor and if your windows are more than a few decades old, it is sensible to start checking for common signs of deterioration. Although knowing when to replace your sash windows can be difficult, there are some common tell-tale signs.

Broken or Damaged Window Glass

Sash windows that are broken or have damaged glass need replacement immediately as they could be dramatically affecting the energy-efficiency and security of your home. If you discover broken or damaged glass in the sash windows of your property, it is important you organise professional replacement.

Rattling or Draughty Windows

A common problem with old sash windows is they can rattle and let in draughts over time. Traditionally, many timber sash window frames are single glazed, leading to heat loss, draughts, mouldy or damp interiors, and more. While you can temporarily fix this problem by draught proofing using draught excluders, this is not a long-term solution. The best thing to do is have new windows professionally installed. This will ensure your home is fully insulated, secure, and warm once more.

Poor Window Functionality

As windows age, the existing sashes can become stiff and difficult to use. The result is a window that is difficult to open, or even worse, that becomes stuck with one corner digging into the side of the frame. This makes your sash windows difficult and clunky to use. If you start noticing this problem, it is important to have your sash windows replaced so that you can enjoying fully functioning sashes.

Damaged Timber Frames and Replacement

Timber window frames are exposed to the elements all year round and over long periods of time they can slowly become worn down, leading to rotten or warped window frames. Damage to timber frames can cause a lot of problems in your home, but most notably windows that no longer fit the frames right and are, therefore, a threat to your home’s security.

Condensation on the Window Panes

Water, Drop, Splash, H2O, Rain, DewCondensation on windows is a very common problem and is a sign that your windows are not performing as well as they should be. Condensation can be very damaging to your home, letting a lot of moisture into your home and rotting the timber around your windows. Condensation is a serious problem and can be extremely damaging to both your sash windows and your health. So, condensation on your windows is definitely not a problem you should put up with. If you discover condensation, it’s a sign your sash windows need replacing.

Noise Pollution in Your Home

Double glazed sashes (and triple glazed units) do a fantastic job at keeping noise pollution out of your home. If you live in a busy city centre or on a main road, it’s likely you’re no stranger to noise pollution. However, if you start noticing the noise from outside regularly making its way into your home, this is a definite sign that your existing sash windows are not performing as they should be. If your windows are no longer keeping out noise pollution, it’s time you find a replacement.

Window Replacements on the Coast

California, Sunset, Dusk, Sky, CloudsIf you live on the coast or in an area prone to extremely bad weather, the lifetime of your sash windows will decrease much faster than if you lived in a more protected location. If you live in a coastal location, it is important you assess the condition of your windows regularly to decipher whether they need replacing yet or not.

Upgrade Your Home with New Windows

If you’re carrying out improvements on your property, one of the best things to do is upgrade your windows. By replacing your sash windows while you’re carrying out home improvements, you can choose windows that perfectly match the style, colour, and design of your property, creating the home aesthetics you’ve always wanted.

The Benefits of Replacement Vs Repair

There are a number of reasons why sash window replacement is better than repair. So, although you may be questioning whether window replacement is best for your home, consider all the benefits that replacement offers vs repair:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Lowered heating and cooling bills allowing for cost-efficiency in the home.
  • Draught sealing and less air infiltration, improving home comfort.
  • Easier window operation for natural ventilation when you need it.
  • UV protection to reduce furniture fading
  • Increased home value when you sell your property
  • An aesthetically pleasing home, both inside and out.
  • Cost effective

If you have decided that the sash windows in your home need replacing, you may want to consider purchasing exactly the same style, colour, and window design. To help you with this process, it is worth speaking to our professional window advisors. Our team have all the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best windows for your property and requirements.

Window Replacements for Period Properties

If you live in a period property or heritage home and your windows require replacing, our team at South Coast can help. We are professional window installers who work hard to find an appropriate window replacement for your property. Whether you live in a conservation area or not, we can help find the perfect window replacement for your home.

Professional Window Replacement

When it comes to sash window replacement, whether you are experienced at DIY or not, we would strongly recommend you book a professional to do the job for you. Replacing sash windows effectively so that they provide security and energy-efficiency for your home requires installation carried out to the highest possible standard. So, if you require sash window replacement, call our expert team.

Our team of professional installers can help install your sash windows to a pristine standard, ensuring your home is secure and aesthetically-pleasing all year round.

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