Bifolding Doors Role in Bridging the Gap Between Your Home and Garden

The UK isn’t exactly internationally renowned for having consistent good weather. Luckily there is a way to fully take advantage and enjoy the good weather when it is around. As well as many other practical benefits. The solution is the once luxury, but now very affordable bifolding door.

How do bifolding doors work?

Bifolding doors work by having all the door parts slide against the outer frame, allowing it to open as much as possible. They can be of varying sizes and can stack inwards or outwards. Fitting on your house or conservatory, bifolding doors allow for the garden to truly become part of your home.

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Space and light

Enjoying the garden is a very relaxing prospect, with bifolding doors the space will be maximised so you can really take full advantage. It can make a stuffy, cramped living room feel like a completely different space. The doors take up almost no room when full opened so that space can be fully utilised.

Enjoy your garden

It will also be far more visible while indoors, which means the soothing effect of the garden can be experienced even in colder months. You’ll even be able to enjoy the sounds and odours of nature far better with the doors open, making the garden feel like just another room.


Let the light in

Bifolding doors maximise light into your home, open or closed. Natural light has many health benefits as well as looking beautiful. These benefits are illustrated in our other blog post.


Children or pets can be let outside much more freely as they will be far more visible and easy to supervise. Now you can enjoy your cup of tea in peace while also looking after your loved ones.


Our bifolding doors aren’t just for the summer months either, as their thermal efficiency is second to none and will provide better insulation throughout the year. They’re perfect for keeping wind out and keeping bills down consistently. Bifolding doors act as an amazing investment to your home that will stand the test of time.

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