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I was going to tell you about how to make the most of the summer, but it seems like that isn’t happening…So let’s talk about the importance of fresh air. Open those windows and have a read.

Open Windows

Open your windows

Opening your windows will allow more fresh air to circulate around your home. This is very valuable when you are indoors to enjoy a wide range of benefits. It’s not practical to be outside all the time, that’s why we recommend opening your windows where possible.

Aids digestion

Fresh air helps your digestive system to process food. This is important as your body is digesting food often throughout the day. This can especially help those who are looking to lose weight.

Fresh means happy

The serotonin you produce is greater if you inhale fresh air. This means you’ll be happier and generally feeling more positive. Feeling good is important, either to be productive at an office or just to enjoy your time at home.

Boosting your immune system

Your white blood cells will thank you for all the fresh air you can get. They need as much oxygen as possible in order to be at their best. This means they’ll be able to fight off bacteria and any other illnesses better. No one enjoys being ill after all!

Energy benefits

You’ll feel energised and revitalised after getting some fresh air. It’s great at waking you up and providing a much needed boost when you need it the most. It can stop you feeling lazy or tired – when you need it most. It can make you feel far more creative and productive, helping you make the most of your time.

All in all, we’ve found fresh air to have great benefits. This means that you’ll be leaving your windows open where possible in order to enjoy all of these. If you’re finding that your windows and doors aren’t opening quite enough, the bifold door is ideal for enjoying fresh air and the outdoors.

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