What Is a Casement Window?

The Casement Window

A casement window is a classic favourite in the UK and is still one of the most popular in all of Europe. They’re attached to their frame with hinges that allow for the window to be opened completely outward or inward. They open easily and allow for much greater ventilation than other window types.

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Letting the outdoors into your home

Casement windows are able to give you the most enjoyment of the outdoors. As they open so much further than other window types, they’re also ideal for ventilation. There’s no other window that lets so much fresh air into your home. Your view is also greatly enhanced. When it’s open you can see out of all of the space possible. While it is shut you’ll have less frame to obstruct your view. We know that natural light has many different benefits.

Keeping your home secure

Casement windows are a very secure type. The locks are hooked into the frame so that they can’t be pryed apart. The frame itself is strong and multi-chambered. There is multi point and shootbolt locking also available to further secure the window.

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Keeping bills down

Depending on where you acquire your casement window, the energy efficiency can differ. All of our casement windows however, are ‘A’ rated. They’re the very best in double glazed sealed units. They keep energy costs low whilst providing the many other benefits of a casement window.

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Are they right for you?

There are many different benefits for the casement window. They’re able to successfully keep your home secure, ventilated, look beautiful and keep energy costs to a minimum. It’s easy to see why the casement window is one of the most popular window types ever! See our top quality casement window range for the very best windows around the south coast.

If you’re seeking to further bridge the gap between your garden and home, read about our bifold doors. Alternatively, if you’re entranced by the casement window. Read about when to get new windows.

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