UPVC Window Maintenance

UPVC windows are the most popular type of windows these days for many good reasons; none more so than the quality and the low amount of maintenance required. They are very long lasting and only need minimal maintenance to keep them looking and working great for many years.

As with anything that is exposed to the elements, UPVC windows will gradually build up dirt and grime. The key is to clean them regularly enough that it’s easy to do. Small amounts of dirt will easily be wiped away with washing up liquid in warm water. If your frames have gotten particularly filthy your best bet is to buy a purpose made cleaning solution. Cleaners the contain thinners or solvents should be avoided at all costs as they can cause serious damage to the seals and frames of your UPVC windows.

The glass panels themselves should be cleaned every few weeks. Many choose to employ a window cleaner but the job can easily be done yourself if you prefer. Simply use a sponge and warm water containing a window cleaning agent of your choice. After thoroughly cleaning the window use a squeegee to finish; making sure to dry the squeegee after each swipe.

UPVC windows are renowned for their energy saving ability. They help to trap heat in your home by creating a very strong seal and rarely create condensation build up. Sometimes condensation is unavoidable though and windows should be opened daily to allow fresh air to get in. Most windows are fitted with vents to make this process easier.

To keep your UPVC windows opening and closing smoothly and with ease you should lightly oil all fixtures and fittings at least once a year or as needed. UPVC windows do have a tendency to stick after a while but the fittings are easily adjusted. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself you should contact a professional.

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