Transparency and Patterns in UPVC Windows

If you are getting new UPVC doors and windows this year then have a good look around at the different styles and colours available. If you are fitting the windows yourself, make sure you know the latest building regulations before you start.

If you are opting for a company to fit your windows, they will have this information already. If you are opting for bathroom or landing windows you will need to choose a glass pattern. The levels of transparency are down to you, but consider your privacy level to ensure you get the right fit for your home and lifestyle.

The pattern will determine the level of transparency, for example a popular autumn window design is a level 3, which would be a good choice for a bathroom, or you may opt for a Cotswold level 5 design for the extra privacy.

When thinking about a bathroom window, privacy should not be compromised. You can opt for blinds as an additional level, but the window itself should be obscure.

Do I Need A Patterned Window?

There are many instances within a home where a window pattern is required and it is not just in the bathroom. If you are not sure, take a look at some of the examples below;

Landing Window

If the property is a terraced house then a landing window will not be required. In the instance where your landing window overlooks another property, then an obscured window pattern is required. The level can be optional, but for neighbours privacy aswell as your own, consider a level 2 or above.

Back Door Window

This window is not always essential, but if you have a back door that has an open panel where people can see straight into your living or kitchen area it is advisable to opt for a patterned window. This will maintain your privacy. If you have a large panel of glass make sure you are happy with the design as you will see this everyday and probably more frequently than the bathroom window. You will use the back door more and the design will need to fit with the style of house and room. Opt for a modern glass pattern for a modern kitchen.

Front Door Panel

This is a more obvious one, when you think about front doors. You can opt for a solid front door with no glass, but if you have a dark landing that needs natural light then opt for a front door with glass panels as this will let the natural light in. There are a lot more designs for a front door that can work with the door colours. The security for a front door is paramount, so if you  do opt for patterned glass, where you can cannot see the visitor, then make sure you fix a chain to the door to view visitors before opening the door.

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