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What are sliding sash windows?

Sliding sash windows are a beautiful way of securing the many benefits of the uPVC window whilst enjoying a wonderful aesthetic. New advancements mean fiddly cords are removed and you can simply control the window with your fingers. The sashes can tilt inwards for cleaning and proficient insulation.

A sliding sash window

What can they offer?

Sliding sash windows have low maintenance, high insulation and are incredibly visually appealing. It’s strong, durable and extremely secure. It is skilfully constructed, able to perform when you need to and resist air and water. The result is a slim but practical elegance that is very versatile. It won’t obstruct the exterior, allowing windows to be opened where they would normally obstruct paths. It’s an ideal time to invest in home improvement, as it can pay dividends over time.

Perfect visuals

Sliding sash windows can perfectly compliment your home no matter the current decor. They look very similar to the previously flawed timber sliding sash windows that are now a thing of the past. Sliding sash windows are ideal for enjoying the very best aesthetics without any of the downsides. Energy bills are reduced, saving you money and aiding the environment.

Energy efficient

uPVC windows offer amazing energy efficiency, they’re able to keep heat in whilst adding value and beauty to your home. They’re cost effective over time due to reducing bills. They’re even efficient in warmer months. As they can be opened on both the top and the bottom, hot air is let out and cooler air is let in below to refresh the air in your home. Year round, your enjoyment of your home is improved.

The corner of a sliding sash window

Low Maintenance

Maintenance requirements are very low, due to being modern UPVC. Our sliding sash windows are able to simply be wiped down when dirty. They’re resistant to scratches and all they need annually is a minor movement check.

Not quite what you’re looking for? We have many other styles available with the majority of the benefits of sliding sash windows.

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