When Do You Need New uPVC Windows?

a teacup sitting by a windowWindows are a very important part of the home. Think of them as an investment in your property, as they add tremendous value. A properly installed uPVC window will not have to be replaced for quite some time. Unfortunately, they can be fitted improperly and this leads to many complications. In this article we’ll also be discussing how to look after those beautiful windows after they’re installed.


Older windows can be easier to break in. They have less security features and the glass is usually of a weaker strength. If they’re not fitted securely in the frame, it can be very easy for intruders to enter your property. uPVC windows are durable, with state of the art frames designed to resist damage.


The newer the better, especially uPVC windows as they are extremely energy efficient. Windows that are older usually have small leaks and let drafts into your home. This leads to more heating costs, especially over a long period of time. This is one of the main reasons uPVC windows are so popular, saving customers money over time.

Noise Reduction

Noise pollution is a serious issue depending on your surroundings. Constant noise from neighbours or cars can cause stress and reduce enjoyment of your home. Getting new windows can really reduce noise levels in your home. Keeping heat and blocking out noise is another feature of our uPVC windows, making them suitable for any environment.


Older windows can have scratches and marks on the glass. This obscures your view and makes it look less appealing overall. uPVC windows require far less maintenance and are extremely hard wearing, reducing the chances of any blemishes on your window. they will not suffer from things like rusting or fading.

There are many different benefits to investing in new windows. They’re an extremely important choice for your home and are often overlooked when they really should be changed. See all the windows we have on offer here. If do you have uPVC windows, how do you make them last as long as you possibly could?

How to care for your uPVC windows

Whether you’re in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire or Surrey, our uPVC windows are extremely durable and require extremely low maintenance. To keep them looking their best they don’t require much effort, but there’s a few cleaning tips we’ve put together.

How to clean your windows

uPVC windows are cleaned simply by using warm water and washing up liquid, then dry the window and you’ll have a clear, shiny uPVC window once more. Make sure if trying other cleaning products that you check what they’re meant to work on before application.

How to clean window sills

Usually a light cleaning agent is used on window sills, removing dust and any debris. If the product is checked and is suitable on the packaging then it should be fine. Another alternative is washing up liquid using a soft wet cloth. Remember to dry the sills down to prevent streaks. Any sort of hard cloth can possibly damage parts of the uPVC so be careful.

Annual checks

To prevent the possibility of large maintenance costs, the window fittings will require a movement test just to ensure they’re still functioning correctly. The screws on any of these fittings also need to be checked just in case they’re loose, if they are simply tighten with a screwdriver.

Southcoast Windows offer a ten year guarantee across all areas covered, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey. It is extremely unlikely a problem would occur with our products or glass, but all it takes is a phone call and a visit will be organised to resolve the issue. Maintaining your windows preserves this guarantee.

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