Cleaning Windows & Doors Without Chemicals

The beauty of UPVC windows and doors is that they need very little maintenance. Very little doesn’t mean none though and looking after your windows and doors can make them last years or even decades. There are literally hundreds of chemical window cleaning products available but they can be expensive and their effectiveness in comparison to standard cleaning products like washing up liquid is questionable.

Cleaning Glass
There are a number of effective methods when it comes to glass cleaning. Choosing one is largely down to personal choice but some will be more effective than others depending on the amount of grime you need to remove.

Wet Cloth
This method will only really be effective on small amounts of grime. If you invest in a very high quality cloth, it really can be as simple as thoroughly cleaning your windows with water. If your windows are particularly grimey start by scrubbing them with a sponge in soapy water and rub dry with a cloth.

Vinegar & Water
A vinegar and water combination can bring your windows up to a great shine; better than many expensive cleaning products on the market, as long as you can handle the smell. Dilute the vinegar, one part vinegar to four parts water and apply with a good quality cloth. Finally, for a great finish, buff with newspaper.

Steam Cleaners
We’ve already spoken about there being no need to spend a lot of money on chemicals but this is option is far more expensive. The upside is though that it will last a long time and can be used for a whole host of different cleaning projects around the home. The hot steam gets rid of dirt and grime easily and sterilises the surface.

Cleaning Window Frames & Sills
If you haven’t invested in a steam cleaner the best way to clean window frames is with an old cloth with fungicide. This will get rid of any mould present and prevent it from coming back. Alternatively you could try bleach diluted in 3 parts water.

Keeping window sills clean can be quite a difficult job but if you do it regularly you should be okay. Scrubbing them hard with soapy water should do the trick in most cases. If you have wooden window sills be sure to check for rot and if present remove it and fill in the hole.

UPVC windows and doors offer the advantage of being far more durable than the wooden options of the past, if you look after them they will be a lifetime investment.

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