Are You Moving House? | Have You Checked the Windows?

Before purchasing a new home it is always important to make sure you carry a checklist when it comes to inspecting the property. As well as viewing the interior it’s imperative that you check the exterior features such as the type of windows (UPVC Windows, wooden, aluminium) and window frames. Many people forget to check these basic features and find themselves having problems later down the line.


UPVC Windows

With new builds, many of them will already have the popular UPVC windows installed. However, some houses have yet to upgrade their windows and find that they constantly having to maintain them, whether this is through sealing cracks or painting them. What you’ll find with UPVC windows is that they require minimal maintenance. Annual cleaning of the frames and hardware lubricating will ensure that your windows remain clean and in good working order. You will also find these windows to be weatherproof and more durable in comparison to other windows.

Inspecting the condition

If you’re a person that likes to keep warm in the winter and save money, always make sure to check that the windows are double glazed. Nothing is worst than finding out later on that they are only single glazed. Doubled glazed windows are proven to be more energy efficient and therefore more cost-effective as oppose to single glazed. It’s very common that people end up purchasing a home and soon after, have to spend more, to maintain or replace their windows.

How secure are the windows?

We all know that the world is a dangerous place and full of all types of crooks and thieves. It is crucial that you know the extent of how secure the windows are. Windows and doors are the number one and two breaking and entering points. UPVC windows can be installed with high-security locks that will ensure that all your valuables and possessions are kept safe. So make sure when you’re purchasing a home, that the windows are all fitted with well-secured locks.


The choices

When it comes to the style of window, there are many different designs to choose from. With today’s modern architecture, many would say that casement or tilt and turn windows are more suitable. On the other hand, if the house is more of a Victorian style, then sliding slash maybe better suited.

Nevertheless, if you are willing to purchase a home with single glazed windows, you may wish to consider replacing them before winter. Winter is the season where our heating bills tend to rise the most. With single glazed windows, your bills may rise much higher than you expect. At South Coast, we offer a range of UPVC windows in the Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, and Sussex area. Why not take a look at our collection.

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