The Durability of French Doors or the Handiness of Patio Doors

There are a number things to consider when you’re purchasing your backyard doors. Every house has a unique style from the other, what necessarily looks good on one property, may not be the same for another. French doors and Patio doors have often been compared to in the past as the best choices for backyard doors, however, many people fail to understand the differences and constraints of each design.

Patio doors were commonly known as sliding doors, and have slowly developed the name over time, covering all types of doors that open out or onto your garden or patio areas. These include the following, French doors, Bi-fold doors, and sliding doors. All types tend to operate differently and offer different benefits.


So what’s the difference?

Most people may commonly describe French doors as a set of double doors that open outwards; however, they can open in as well. They can also be easily identified, by their hinged design. Their compact design is quite popular with small structural openings and is seen more on small properties.

French Doors are known to offer a hand full of benefits, mainly due to their UPVC design. UPVC French doors are water and fire resistant which makes them a great choice for backyard doors. They won’t be prone to rust or rotting, and in case of an emergency fire, the doors, do a very good job containing flames.

During cold winter nights, they’re also known to be good heat insulators. Keeping the heat indoors can be quite a hard task especially in an old house. As well as French doors offering functional attributes they are also aesthetically pleasing on the eye and come in a range of stylish designs.

Patio Doors, also offer a stylish design, however, their smart design takes up less space in comparison to French doors. Patio doors are ideal for properties with small patios and even for balconies, they are also not prone to blow open like swinging doors.


French Doors tend to come with multipoint locks where you can either chose between having 3 or 5 locking points, adding a high-quality security system to your home.

On the other hand, patio doors tend to come with security hooks to prevent being levered; they can also have lockable drop bolts installed on the sliding leaf, which makes a great addition.

Both doors come equip with high standard security systems to ensure every home is kept safe at all times


So which doors do I choose?

Both doors have great benefits; however, there are 5 things you should think about before making your decision. First, think of the size of your opening. You don’t want to order a pair of doors and find out they take up too much space. Secondly, think of each doors performance and whether they benefit you. For example, thermal loss and ventilation. Consider the security aspects of the doors and whether they are up to your standards. And most importantly consider your budget, although it’s always nice to have the latest designs and trends’, finding the right doors for the right price is very important.

What we offer

At South Coast Windows, we stock both French and Patio doors and offer a range of different styles and designs to cater to any home. Located in East Sussex, we supply to Brighton, Seaford, Hove, and Surrey and throughout South England. So Why not click here to find out more or get a quote.

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