How to Stay Warm Against the Cold Brighton Breeze with UPVC Doors

Winter in Brighton is simply beautiful and is always full of fun, exciting treats and places to explore. Brighton Pier is known to be a hot destination, for many of us. Heading down to the pier during the summer period is a great time to take in the blazing sun, the warm sand and witness a gorgeous view of the English Channel.

Nevertheless, living near the beach and being situated in a seaside town all year round, can have its drawbacks especially during the winter phase. Being situated on the edge of England, Brighton is largely exposed to strong winds, heavy rain and snow.

With the weather forecasting heavy duty snow for the south of England this winter, it’s time to bundle up, stay warm and start thinking about how to best preserve the heat in our homes.

Many of us are already experiencing the cold winter nights, some more than others. Cold drafts continue to invade our homes, as we’re left unsure where there coming from, which is leading to a lot of heat loss and rising gas bills.


Are Your Doors the Reason for Heat Loss

When it comes to heat loss, doors vary just as much as the different types of walls do. Wooden doors, for example, are more prone to heat loss, due to wood being a poor heat insulator. Typically hardwood doors tend to have a U Value of between 2.5 and 3, which is not very good. You can imagine after years of being exposed to the elements that those doors become even less energy efficient. This maybe one of the reasons why some of your homes are still cold today. If your home has wooden doors, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. UPVC doors, on the other hand, tend to have A U ratings, which is the highest when it comes to energy efficiency.

Introducing Brighton’s Best UPVC supplier

At South Coast windows we understand the strict measures that need to take place, in order for your home to remain nice and warm over winter. We offer the ideal solution that will increase heat insulation in your home and keep those gas bills down.  Our wide selection of high-quality thermal insulation UPVC doors, do an incredible job of preventing the cold breeze from penetrating your homes. As well as keeping the drafts out, they perform equally as well, in preserving heat and maximum heat circulation, ensuring no warmth escapes your home. Our unique UPVC doors come in all shapes and sizes and vary in prices depending on performance and installation.

Decisions Decisions….

If maximizing heat insulation and staying warm are your number priorities, our UPVC, and glazed doors are regarded as the best choices. The two sheets of glass in the window of some of our doors have a gap in between, which helps create an insulating barrier that keeps heat in, for those found of glazed doors. However, it all depends on where the door is going to be installed and whether it will be facing the interior or exterior of your house.

If you are interested in our UPVC doors but are unsure what sizes or what door is right for you, don’t hesitate to give us call or pop in for a friendly chat, where our members of staff are more than happy to offer advice and assist you with your decision-making.

Keep warm this winter with South Coast Windows.

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