Benefits of UPVC Doors and Windows

Choosing UPVC doors and windows for your home can be an expensive decision but a worthwhile one. It is actually one of the best things a homeowner can do for a whole number of reasons, we’re just going to look at a few.

UPVC windows are very common these due to the way they keep heat in your home and the same can be said about UPVC doors. Even though they cost more than wooden alternatives you will notice the effect on your energy bills. They’re not only great insulation for heat but are also great at keeping sound out, this could be especially important if you live in a busy area or on a main road.

Security isn’t something people naturally think about when choosing their windows and doors. UPVC doors offer a much higher level of security than their wooden counterparts. Thanks to their steel core they can’t be broken down the way traditional wooden doors can and are overall just more secure. When combined with high quality locks they are the number one way to prevent intruders entering your property through the door.

One of the biggest concerns with wooden doors and windows is the effects of the elements on their construction. Damp and mould can easily build up and cause damage to the construction and changes in temperature and climate can cause wood to expand and contract affecting how well your doors and windows fit in their frames. This isn’t the case with UPVC doors and windows. The way they are constructed should ensure the weather has no effect on their integrity.

Unlike wooden doors and windows which need regular attention, UPVC doors and windows require very little maintenance. As long as you oil the locks on occasion, keep the glass clean and wipe down the plastic every now and then you should have no problems.

One of the biggest arguments against UPVC windows and doors has always been how they look. For a long time they were only available in white and most people didn’t like how they look in comparison with wooden windows and doors. They have since seen a large spike in popularity thanks to many different coloured and wood-look types of UPVC in addition to the other numerous benefits.

One of the best reasons to get UPVC doors and windows is the value it adds if you ever decide to sell your home. Many people looking for a new home will consider UPVC a necessity and many won’t want to go to the trouble of having new windows and doors fitted themselves.

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