Low Carbon Homes Forums Tackle Fuel Poverty Challenges In UK Housing

Carbon factory

As energy prices rise again, and we approach Fuel Poverty Awareness Day on Friday15th February, the organisers of a series of nationwide forums designed to help improve the energy efficiency of the UK’s aging housing stock announce the opening of free registrations for the events which starts next month, and … read more

High Growth for The Highlands

sheep in the Scottish highlands

Scottish Highlands home improvement company, ERG Scotland Ltd, has become the latest addition to the Conservatory Outlet Network of retailers. After huge success for Conservatory Outlet on the back of 2018 with three new retail partners joining in as many months, it is now revealed that the UK fabricator has … read more

Small Businesses Running Out Of Time To Prepare For No Deal Brexit

Businessman taking a phonecall

Responding to today’s (12.02.19) Commons Statement from Prime Minister, Theresa May, National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Mike Cherry said: “With less than 50 days until we leave the EU on 29th March, we are now firmly in extra time with little, or no time, left on the clock for … read more

Restoration Goals: Georgian House Transformed into Award-Winning

Architectural drawing of a house

But it’s the things unique to an old home that are especially valued, such as wonky floorboards and timber sash windows; fireplaces; bits of … read more