How to Improve Your Front Door Security This Christmas

We are proud to supply and fit secure front and back doors for your property, helping keep your home secure and looking for many years to come. Christmas is one of the busiest times of year and it’s also a time when security could not be more important. Although there are various ways you can increase the security of your front doors, the best method is to purchase our highly secure doors and let them transform your property.

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We Provide Years of Experience

When it comes to providing top-quality, durable, and secure entrance doors, experience is key. With over 40 years’ experience in the Home Improvements industry, we are able to provide significant knowledge and experience and advise you on our vast range of secure front doors.

Our Installation Team Ensure Security

We have a team of fully-trained building and installation teams who are all experts in their fields. They work hard to monitor the quality and workmanship of our doors and, most importantly, ensure complete customer satisfaction!. For a quality service carried out by our team of experts, it has to be South Coast Home Improvements!

Affordable Door Security

The range of secure and durable doors we sell and install can provide the front door security you’re after at unbeatable prices. We understand that homeowners want to feel safe in their homes and we don’t think that a limited budget should be the reason why our customers miss out on fully secure front doors. That’s why we provide secure front doors at unbeatable prices. So, whatever your budget, we can help provide you with a secure front door and the following guarantees:

– 10-year guarantee
– Fully trained and dedicated installers
– Excellent value for money
– We’ve been providing uPVC doors for over 35 years to domestic, trade, and commercial.

How to Improve Your Home Door Security

There are many steps you can take to increase the security of your front doors:

Always Check the Basics First

There are all sorts of locks you can add to the external doors in your property, but it makes no difference if the doors themselves are fundamentally unsound. So, it’s important you first check all hinges are tightly screwed into the frames. With wooden doors, you need to check that the door frames are in good condition and not suffering from problems such as rot or warping.

Don’t Neglect the Back Door

French Doors The back of your house is just as much of a security risk as the entrance door is, if you don’t have secure doors. Back doors need just as much security as front doors do, including deadbolts and other locks. That’s why we provide double glazed patio doors, fitted with anti-lift devices and locking mechanisms. If you have sliding patio doors at the back of your property, it’s a good idea to have locks installed at both the top and the bottom of the door to provide optimum security.

We provide quality back doors for your property that are professionally fitted with quality locks for ultimate security.

Upgrade the Locks on Your Doors

Upgrading your locks is the most foundational part of front door security and, therefore, it is extremely important you make sure you’re using the right locks. If your locks are rusty, stiff, or even broken, it’s extremely important you get them replaced. You should also be aware of what your locks are vulnerable to so that you can take steps to protect against this.

When someone tries to attack your front door security, the first thing they target is the front door locks. Everything about your front door security starts and finishes with the locks, so you need to ensure they are strong, durable, and reliable. If you’re unsure which locks are best for your front door, speak to our experts. They can help advise on the most reliable locks to enhance front door security.

Install a Better Door

Nothing improves your front door security more than installing a secure and high-quality front door. If your front or back doors are hollow, you must replace them immediately for security reasons. If your doors sound hollow, they are merely sheets of veneer over cardboard and can be easily broken through if a thief wants to gain access to your property.

Re-Key the Locks

If you’re not the first person to live in your property, it is important you increase your front door security by re-keying the locks. This ensures that whoever may still have the keys to your property won’t be able to use them. As soon as you move into a new property, it is essential you re-key the locks to ensure the security of your home.

Extra Security Locks and Additions

There are so many ways you can increase the security of your front door and one of these is by installing extra locks and devices, such as:

Mortice deadlock – these locks fit inside the door and extend through into the frame.
Rim automatic deadlock – this lock is a more secure version of the traditional Yale lock and is ideal for thin doors that are not deep enough for a morticed lock.
Cylinder guard – this device goes around the barrel of a lock and helps protect it from attack.
Door viewer – many people install spyholes in their doors so that they can check who is standing at the door without having to open it first.
Door chain – door chains do a fantastic job of preventing doors from opening fully until the homeowner is happy to open the door fully and allow the caller inside.

We Install High-Quality Front Doors

Although door locks are a significant aspect of front door security, a secure front door also depends a lot on the door itself. When you choose a front door for security purposes, you should invest in a quality, durable, and reliable material. All the exterior doors we sell and install are made from the following reliable, quality, and secure materials:

– Fibreglass
– Solid wood
– Composite materials
– Metal

All of the doors we install don’t just provide security, they are also made to suit the current decor and aesthetics of your home. So, you can be assured of secure doors that also look fantastic.

Why Our Doors are So Secure

One of the main reasons the front doors we sell and install are secure is that they come with locking systems and are fully reinforced. All the doors we install have multi-point locking systems and hook bolts that ensure when your front door is closed, your home is secure.

The doors we sell and install here at South Coast Windows are extremely secure. We provide doors made from the highest quality materials and fitted with secure locking mechanisms to protect your home all year round. If you would like to find out more about our doors and the why they are so secure, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today for more information.

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