Different Styles of Doors

There are many different styles of doors that can be used throughout the house that offer different style and functionality. A door that works in the living room may not be suitable for a back door, where a door used in the bedroom may also work in the bathroom. Here is a look at some common door types for use around the home.

A half door or stable door is one that is divided in half horizontally and is more associated with being used for a horses stable to allow access to feed the horse. This style of door has now been adapted for the home and is a great addition to a kitchen for a serving hatch.

The next doors will conjure up images of the Wild West but saloon doors can also work within the home. Saloon doors are a pair of lightweight swing doors and could be a great addition to a room within the house that doesn’t require the privacy offered by a full door.

A French door is a door made of a frame contained multiple transparent panels and does not generally include a central section so you get a nice big opening. This kind of door allows plenty of light into the room and does away with any doorway joinery. Find out about French doors Kent.

A Gib door is one which has no visible components and is designed to blend into the wall, so in essence it’s a disguised door. If you have an en-suite bathroom off the master bedroom, you could use this type of door to blend the door into the decor of the bedroom.

A bifold door has many sections that fold in pairs. They are commonly used for closets and made of wood.

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