The Key Benefits of UPVC Sliding Slash Windows

It is common that Victorian or Edwardian style properties have glazed windows glazed. At South Coast Windows we offer a wide range UPVC options that come with a number of benefits. In today’s post, South Coast Windows will be exploring the key benefits of choosing the Sliding slash windows design for your home or office.

Sliding Sash Windows

Visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. UPVC Sash Windows offer a beautiful glazing option. Elegant and streamlined, they’ll complement your home decor, and create an inviting appearance for visitors to your property.

Key Benefits

Excellent Energy Efficiency

Although Sliding Sash doors are pleasing on the eye they are also very energy efficient.  Double glazing ensures that heat doesn’t so readily escape buildings in the winter months. This is very beneficial for keeping energy bills down, which is great news for both your bank account and the environment.

Easy to Open Sash Windows

Poorly maintained sash windows can often lead to them being stiff and hard to open. With South Coast Windows, Our UPVC sash windows incorporate a counterbalanced system, which ensures that they’re always easy to open and close.

Sash windows also allow excellent climate control in the summer months. Due to them being able to open at the top and the bottom, hot air is able to escape through the top section, while cooler air can enter below and effectively ventilate your home.

Sliding Slash window Security

When sliding sash windows are maintained and are kept in good working condition, they remain well secured. Specific high-quality locks can add to ensure that both sashes remain secure and locked.
Dual screws comprise of a full or half threaded bolt which is screwed through an internally threaded barrel fitted in the top of the lower sash into a simple hole in the bottom of the upper sash or in some cases into another threaded barrel.

Although the fully threaded bolt is more expensive, it is a more secure fitting. The cheaper, half threaded bolts can bend under force from a large level, especially if they keep plate has not been fitted over the hole in the upper sash and both suffer from the problem of sash and both suffer.

What Windows we Offer

At South Coast Windows, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality service.
If you’re based in the Sussex area and you’d like to have sash windows installed in your home or office, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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