Keep Your Gutters Clear This Winter

One of the main concerns when it comes to owning a home is repairs. Some of these repairs can be factored into the budget and some general house maintenance can prevent expensive repairs even being needed.

If you own a home with new guttering, make sure these are checked regularly. Even the new style guttering cannot filter out leaves and general debris that builds up. During the autumn months the falling leaves and twigs collect in the guttering, especially if the home is near a tree. It pays to get up to the guttering and manually clear out anything that has built up. The rain water will collect and if it cannot flow down the guttering into the drain, it will settle and eventually either overflow or worse, create weight will be eventually force the guttering to crack and start to leak.

Water seeping into a building can have consequences to the foundations and general condition of the house over time. It is best to make sure rain water can flow into the drains. Check the condition of the guttering in the summer months so you have time to make any alterations before the winter.

Guttering also needs be cleared on conservatories aswell. If you have a conservatory attached to the house, water will also build up in-between the house and conservatory, which can cause problems or water will start dripping onto the roof, causing residue to build up and similar problems occurring with water not being able to flow in the guttering.
Check all guttering and supporting clips holding the guttering for signs of weathering and get these fixed as soon as possible.

If you need new guttering for a home or conservatory in Kent or the Surrey area then check local suppliers like South Coast Windows who will be able to offer advice and guttering products to suit.

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