Finding the Right Conservatory for You

Lean-To Conservatory

It’s very important when choosing a conservatory to take into account the different options for you. They offer a variety of different benefits and features, including adding a lot of value for your home. It can be used to enjoy the summer heat, and also cosy up in the colder months. Luckily, South Coast offer a great variety of modern, stylish conservatories in the Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey areas.

Edwardian Conservatory

This style uses space very effectively. It can be square or rectangular with great insulation properties. Height is a major feature of the Edwardian as the roof is sloped upwards. It can be used for many different purposes and offers a great way of maximising space.  It is a very popular style, and for good reason!

Gable End Conservatory

The Gable End conservatory offers a clean design, inspired by conservatories of old. This is a spacious square or rectangular design. The front of the roof is designed so that it doesn’t slope back towards the middle. It stays upright. The Gable End is perfect for adding a touch of class to a conservatory, whilst focusing on preserving as much space and light as possible.

Lean-To Conservatory

A simple, affordable design is what the Lean-to stands for. It is also a very versatile conservatory. They offer a design of a single sloping roof which means it can be added onto more properties than other conservatories. It can be insulated appropriately, and gives you the enjoyment of a conservatory at a low cost.

Orangeries Conservatory

Classic design, with modern materials and technologies is the Orangeries design philosophy. The roof is different to the above, as the fascia is pronounced with a prominent ceiling band. There is a grand feeling due to the height and traditional design.  Historically, these were used as part of the wealthy elites homes. Now they are made affordable and practical and offer a unique aesthetic for your conservatory needs.

P –Shape Conservatory

Conservatories are combined to form a P shape to make this kind of conservatory. An Edwardian is mixed with a 3 or 5 section Victorian Conservatory to form a P-shape. It got its name due to it looking like a P from above. This unique design is suited to making a statement whilst also making great use of space.

T-Shape Conservatory

T Shape Conservatory

Like the P-Shape, the T-Shape is aptly named due to looking like a T from above. It can either be formed from a variety of combinations, including the previously mentioned Edwardian design.  This offers a long design perfect for really extending a property. It serves as a great way of extending the home further into the garden. The possibilities are endless for this style, as the large size allows it to be used any way you see fit.

Victorian Conservatory

3 or 5 section bells are part of the design for the Victorian conservatories. They offer a very stylish appearance and can really add character to your home. There is a beautifully constructed plate mounted on the roof. The iconic look and practical features make the Victorian a standout in popularity.

Any of these are extremely popular choices. They can add tremendous value and enjoyment to your home, providing an extra room at a worthy cost. It is far cheaper than moving to a bigger house for example, and less hassle! The light will improve your mood. Most people find that it helps them on a visual level, but vitamin D also comes which is an essential for any healthy individual.

Whatever your choice, South Coast offer a bespoke service to meet your needs in the Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey areas. The extra space will be customised to your needs, including the base of each conservatory.  Multi-walled polycarbonate and self-cleaning insulated glass are offered depending on designs and preference to ensure full satisfaction.

T Shape Conservatory

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