Different Types of Conservatories

If you live in “The Garden of England” and so are looking for conservatories in Kent, then did you know about all the different types and styles of conservatories that are available? If you are looking to add one to your house then it is important to look at what is available to you so that you get the correct one that is most suitable for your house. With different plan layouts, roof styles and different looks, it’s important to be aware of all the different types. Whether you are hiring a company to build your conservatory or buying the parts and building it yourself, it can be confusing when getting quoted for a conservatory so be aware of the differences.

Being a supplier of conservatories in Kent, we know about all the different styles of conservatories so here is a description of the most popular styles.


Edwardian conservatories usually feature 3-5 facet shapes and so are suitable for a wide range of different properties. An Edwardian conservatory has a flat front and so gives less space than other types of similar conservatories but it may be better suited to your garden if space is limited. An Edwardian conservatory is a great way to add extra living space onto your property without risking taking up too much space within your garden.


Very similar to the Edwardian, the main difference of a Victorian conservatory is that they have an angular front and so can give that extra bit of more space than the Edwardian, whilst also creating a very attractive looking feature in your garden. This type of conservatory can also include extra detailing along the join of the roof.

Lean To

A ‘Lean To’ conservatory is different to the other two conservatories in that it features a square or rectangular floor plan. This means that it also features a square or rectangular roof which is sloped and attached to one of the walls of the property. Almost any type of house is suitable for this kind of extension including modern houses, bungalows and also any buildings that have height restriction limitations. A ‘Lean To’ conservatory is also referred to as a sun room or garden room.

P Shape

Combining a Victorian and Lean To conservatory creates a ‘P Shape’ conservatory which creates a large area that, as the name suggests, is in the shape of the letter P. This style is great if you want to have space that goes along to sides of the house or even to create a courtyard area between your house and conservatory. Different shaped conservatories can also be combined in a similar way for different layouts, including T shaped or B shaped conservatories.


To maximise the light coming into a room, a Gable conservatory is a great choice because it has a vertical front roof which is slanted to allow plenty of light in. Gable conservatories are usually square shape and higher then a Lean To conservatory due to the style of the roof.

Choosing the right style of conservatory can help you make the most of your available space, so if you need information on conservatories in the Kent area contact South Coast Windows and we’ll find the best conservatory for you.

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