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South Coast Windows, based in East Sussex, supply and fit UPVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories to the South Coast region of the UK.

What are French Doors?

French doors are full length doors that feature lots of small windows and for this reason are also sometimes referred to as French windows. The amount of windows mean that they provide little privacy so French doors are mainly used for decorative reasons or to provide maximum light enter the house, for example between a room in the house and a conservatory. French doors usually combine two doors and are assembled using multiple pieces of glass. It is common for the structural elements between the glass to be decorative to add to the appearance of the overall door.

As well as solely for decorative reasons there are also a number of other reasons why people choose these kinds of doors. As well as the above mentioned reason of allowing plenty of natural light into the house, French doors can help to draw focus to your garden. If you are a proud gardener and spent plenty of time getting your fingers green, then having a view of your work from the house is a great benefit. They can also make a good bridge between the inside and outside and allow you to seamlessly have the benefits of both.

Although they can be slightly more expensive than other types of doors, they are a good investment because they are considered to add to the appearance of the property and could increase the value of your home if you were to sell.

Out of curiosity, I wonder what French doors are called in France?

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Benefits of Replacing Windows

Having the right type of windows can really add to the personality of any room, whether you are looking for a classic luxury showpiece for the living room or a practical window for the bathroom. There are many different styles of windows so you will be sure to find one to match the style, look and feel for what you’re after to suit your style and budget. When you have a window expert come round to measure your windows, they can also help advice you on your choice and selecting the right windows that will compliment your home from both the inside and out.

There are many benefits to replacing any old windows with new ones such as enhancing your home’s interior, improving the curb appeal of your home and helping to be more energy efficient by keeping heat inside during winter. An average home can lose about 30% of its heat and also air-conditioning energy through the windows which translates to wasted money. Energy efficient windows can help insulate your home and this means that new windows can also provide a good return on investment due to money you could save on energy bills.

Whether you are choosing windows for a new home or choosing windows to replace old ones in your current home, it’s important to choose wisely.  UPVC Windows for Hampshire properties are an investment that will help both aesthetically and financially.

Redecorate and Save With UPVC Windows

Decorating, or re-decorating a home can often be an essential element of home repair rather than preferred décor change. If you have recently brought a home there are some DIY jobs that you will need to be before anything else.

One of those is to check that your doors and windows are as energy efficient as they can be. Regardless of where you are living, in the Midlands, London or Surrey every home needs a check to make sure the windows are doors are up to a suitable energy rating.

One way to do this is to install UPVC windows and doors into your home. Introduced in October 2010 all replacement windows must have a minimum C rating. Homes with UPVC windows will also benefit from more realistic heating bills.

UPVC windows will keep a home warm in winter and then cool in summer as well as being more energy efficient and helping the environment. If you are based in the Surrey area, then invest in lower heating bills and install UPVC windows if your windows are in need of repair.

The Green Deal

If you are looking to build a new conservatory, replace an old boiler or put new windows in your house then soon you may have to make sure your house is fully energy efficient before you can. The Government is looking to ensure homes are being more energy efficient and are trying to enforce this by having houses that are looking to make improvements fully insulated completely beforehand.

After having the house checked to make sure it passes, they will have to make any improvements that are necessary to meet the required standards. This cost will be covered through a loan which will then be recouped through savings made through reduced energy bills. This could mean that if you are looking to add one from the range of conservatories Hampshire to your house, you may have to make sure your house is fully energy efficient before you can go ahead.

For more information, read about the Green Deal.

Different Styles of Doors

There are many different styles of doors that can be used throughout the house that offer different style and functionality. A door that works in the living room may not be suitable for a back door, where a door used in the bedroom may also work in the bathroom. Here is a look at some common door types for use around the home.

A half door or stable door is one that is divided in half horizontally and is more associated with being used for a horses stable to allow access to feed the horse. This style of door has now been adapted for the home and is a great addition to a kitchen for a serving hatch.

The next doors will conjure up images of the Wild West but saloon doors can also work within the home. Saloon doors are a pair of lightweight swing doors and could be a great addition to a room within the house that doesn’t require the privacy offered by a full door.

A French door is a door made of a frame contained multiple transparent panels and does not generally include a central section so you get a nice big opening. This kind of door allows plenty of light into the room and does away with any doorway joinery. Find out about French doors Kent.

A Gib door is one which has no visible components and is designed to blend into the wall, so in essence it’s a disguised door. If you have an en-suite bathroom off the master bedroom, you could use this type of door to blend the door into the decor of the bedroom.

A bifold door has many sections that fold in pairs. They are commonly used for closets and made of wood.

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Energy Efficiency to Save Money

There are many different ways, both big and small, that you can save and making sure your home is energy efficient is one of them. The things you can do include smaller everyday things such as making sure to turn lights off when leaving a room to bigger expenditures that will pay for themselves in the long run such as getting UPVC doors installed in your house. Continue reading

Ideas for a Dream Conservatory

There are many different reasons people have a conservatory fitted to extend and add extra space to their house. It could be a need for extra space, wanting a relaxing place to sit and enjoy away from the main house or to increase the value of your house. The choices behind adding a conservatory are vast and many and vary from person to person. But what if money was no object and you could have a conservatory built of any size and for any reason? What would be your dream conservatory? Continue reading

Keeping Your Home Warm With UPVC Products

With the temperature continuing to drop and the price of home heating going up, people are doing everything they can to make sure that their homes are as cosy and warm as possible without having to spend too much money. There are many different things that can be done to help ensure the warmth of your house without having to run up a huge heating bill. Here are some tips on the different methods that can be used to help keep your house warm. Continue reading

Different Types of Conservatories

If you live in “The Garden of England” and so are looking for conservatories in Kent, then did you know about all the different types and styles of conservatories that are available? If you are looking to add one to your house then it is important to look at what is available to you so that you get the correct one that is most suitable for your house. With different plan layouts, roof styles and different looks, it’s important to be aware of all the different types. Whether you are hiring a company to build your conservatory or buying the parts and building it yourself, it can be confusing when getting quoted for a conservatory so be aware of the differences. Continue reading

How to Increase the Value of Your House

If you know you are going to be moving on and selling your house in a few years then there are a number of ways you can add value to your property and still enjoy the benefits of these additions whilst you live there. Changes such as adding quality patio doors to the rear of your house or updating all windows in the property to UPVC windows will all help raise the value of your home in Kent or anywhere else in the UK. These improvements can add value but always check with an estate agent to make sure that the changes you are planning on making will be worth it, after all the aim is to make money not lose it. Continue reading