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Should You Invest in Triple Glazing?

Windows are one of the most important parts of a home. Not only do they improve the aesthetics of a building drastically, they also provide a great number of practical purposes. They allow light to stream into our homes whilst keeping the elements at bay; particularly protecting us from wind and rain. They also serve the purposes of keeping heat inside the home, thus reducing energy bills and insulating us from the noise of the loud, busy outdoors.

When we think about windows in a modern home it’s fair to say that UPVC double glazing is the type that comes to mind here in the UK. All new homes come with double glazing as standard now and for years people have been scrambling to replace their old single glazed windows with modern double glazed ones. That standard looks set to move one step further in the couple of years to triple glazing.

What is Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing refers to glazing units that sandwich together 3 panes of glass; it’s the natural progression from double glazing which uses just two panes of glass. If you consider the fact that double glazing improves insulation and energy efficiency drastically over single pane windows it’s obvious that triple glazing will be even better. It has already become widely used around the world and is considered the standard in many colder countries.

How Does Triple Glazing Work?

There is obviously more to triple glazing than just sticking three sheets of glass together. There is a science to the gaps between the sheets of glass. If they’re too close together radiant heat loss can occur and if they’re too far apart heat loss can occur through convection currents. The gaps between the glass are filled with inert gas which typically is a much better insulator than air. Argon is a popular choice due to it’s low cost but krypton is used in some of the more expensive, high quality glazing units as it insulates twice as well as air.

Should You Invest in Triple Glazing?

Now you have some information on the benefits of triple glazing you’ll likely be asking yourself if it’s worth the investment. The short answer is yes. If you can afford it then triple glazing is the way to go, it will keep your house nice and warm and shut off from the elements and noise outside and in time bring you savings in terms of your energy bills. If you are upgrading from single glazing for the first time then it’s the definite right choice for future proofing your home. If you already have double glazing it’s not quite as compelling as it’s costly and doesn’t provide a massive upgrade.

The Benefits of Natural Light

A lot is said about spending too long in the sun and the potential harm it can do to your health but you don’t hear so much about the dangers of not getting enough natural light. Regular exposure to natural light can have fantastic effects on both physical and mental health. The following are some of the main benefits.

Natural light provides a lot in the way of nutrition to the human body. You may have heard that it’s helpful for the production of Vitamin C but less commonly known is that it also helps increase levels of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital for a healthy lifestyle as it reduces the risk of depression, helps the body to process other important vitamins and minerals and is widely believed to reduce the chance of contracting a number of different cancers.

Let the Light Shine In
Going outdoors and enjoying the sunshine is of course the best way to get your daily dose of natural light but this obviously isn’t always practical. That’s where we, as a company that specialises in UPVC doors, windows and conservatories come in. Fitting plenty of large windows in your home is a great way to increase your natural light intake.

This can be very important for keeping yourself and your family in good spirits during the winter months when there aren’t as many opportunities to get outdoors and the days are short. Sitting in a nice large bay window soaking up some light could be just what the doctor ordered for dealing with those winter blues.

Cleaning Windows & Doors Without Chemicals

The beauty of UPVC windows and doors is that they need very little maintenance. Very little doesn’t mean none though and looking after your windows and doors can make them last years or even decades. There are literally hundreds of chemical window cleaning products available but they can be expensive and their effectiveness in comparison to standard cleaning products like washing up liquid is questionable.

Cleaning Glass
There are a number of effective methods when it comes to glass cleaning. Choosing one is largely down to personal choice but some will be more effective than others depending on the amount of grime you need to remove.

Wet Cloth
This method will only really be effective on small amounts of grime. If you invest in a very high quality cloth, it really can be as simple as thoroughly cleaning your windows with water. If your windows are particularly grimey start by scrubbing them with a sponge in soapy water and rub dry with a cloth.

Vinegar & Water
A vinegar and water combination can bring your windows up to a great shine; better than many expensive cleaning products on the market, as long as you can handle the smell. Dilute the vinegar, one part vinegar to four parts water and apply with a good quality cloth. Finally, for a great finish, buff with newspaper.

Steam Cleaners
We’ve already spoken about there being no need to spend a lot of money on chemicals but this is option is far more expensive. The upside is though that it will last a long time and can be used for a whole host of different cleaning projects around the home. The hot steam gets rid of dirt and grime easily and sterilises the surface.

Cleaning Window Frames & Sills
If you haven’t invested in a steam cleaner the best way to clean window frames is with an old cloth with fungicide. This will get rid of any mould present and prevent it from coming back. Alternatively you could try bleach diluted in 3 parts water.

Keeping window sills clean can be quite a difficult job but if you do it regularly you should be okay. Scrubbing them hard with soapy water should do the trick in most cases. If you have wooden window sills be sure to check for rot and if present remove it and fill in the hole.

UPVC windows and doors offer the advantage of being far more durable than the wooden options of the past, if you look after them they will be a lifetime investment.

Choosing Window Coverings

Windows and doors are an essential part of any home, they allow light and air to enter our living space. There are of course times however when this light or air may not be wanted. Window coverings serve a number of important purposes. Not only do they help to keep the heat in your home and thus save on energy bills but they also keep out unwanted light and stop passersby from looking into your home.

Choosing the right window covering is largely down to personal taste and the style of the room but of course, as with any home improvement, budget will always be a consideration. The following are just a few of the options you have to choose from when it comes to window coverings.

Curtains & Drapes
Curtains are the classic choice for window coverings in the home. They provide a fantastic way to take the style of the rest of a room and apply it to the windows. They also frame windows very well and nicely fill up space on vast, empty walls. Curtains are available in basically any colour and style you can think of so you’re sure to find some to suit your room. Thick curtains do a great job of keeping out light and draughts but thinner curtains are available if you want privacy but also to let some light enter.

Net Curtains
Net curtains are worth a mention of their own as they serve a slightly different purpose to regular curtains. They are often referred to as privacy curtains as they allow the home’s occupants to look out and light to enter but prevent people outside from seeing in. Net curtains have seen quite a drastic drop in popularity over recent years but still remain a good option.

Horizontal Blinds
Horizontal blinds are another great option, especially if you want to allow in plenty of light but without sacrificing privacy. They are particularly popular for kitchens and bathrooms but it’s very important to consider carefully which material to choose in these rooms. Certain materials will easily stain and wood could rot so choosing materials such as faux wood could be the best option.

Blackout Blinds
Although some curtains can do a similar job the best option if you are looking to block all light from entering a room is blackout blinds. They provide a thick covering over your window and some even come with runners for the left and right sides to stop even the tiniest amount of light creeping through the cracks. This type of window covering is perfect for people who have trouble sleeping in anything less than a completely dark bedroom.

Top Uses for Conservatories

Conservatories are an excellent way to extend the home. They provide a hassle free and fairly cost effective way of creating more space or an extra room. Due to its nature a conservatory is a very versatile part of the home and can be used for any number of purposes. The following are just a few ideas.

An Extension of the Garden
If you love the great outdoors, a conservatory is a great way to bring a little of that into the home. On warm days you can enjoy the conservatory with the french doors wide open and on cold days shut them and simply admire the outdoors from inside. Wicker furniture and large house plants in the conservatory make the garden room complete.

A Second Living Room
Everybody loves spending time with their family but sometimes it’s nice to get away for a little while. Using a conservatory as a second living room will give you somewhere to go. If you can find room for a TV and a comfortable chair in the conservatory you could avoid lots of arguments when people want to watch different things.

A Playroom for the Kids
It’s quite common for people to have conservatories purpose built just to create a space for children to play. It allows for the opportunity of playtime to spill out into the garden in the summer months and provides a light, airy environment all year round. Additional safety measures should be taken in this case though such as ensuring safety glass is used.

A Home Office
If you regularly work from home it’s important to create a space for yourself to be comfortable and productive in. Many people find that the airy, light nature of a conservatory is perfect to stay focussed during a work day.

A Game Room or Gym
Last but not least is to use a conservatory as a games room or even a gym. It can provide a nice big open space to house a pool table, just be careful nobody puts the rear end of a pool cue through the glass! It can also make a great space for a home gym, particularly if you are used to exercising outdoors but need an alternative for the winter months.

UPVC Window Maintenance

UPVC windows are the most popular type of windows these days for many good reasons; none more so than the quality and the low amount of maintenance required. They are very long lasting and only need minimal maintenance to keep them looking and working great for many years.

As with anything that is exposed to the elements, UPVC windows will gradually build up dirt and grime. The key is to clean them regularly enough that it’s easy to do. Small amounts of dirt will easily be wiped away with washing up liquid in warm water. If your frames have gotten particularly filthy your best bet is to buy a purpose made cleaning solution. Cleaners the contain thinners or solvents should be avoided at all costs as they can cause serious damage to the seals and frames of your UPVC windows.

The glass panels themselves should be cleaned every few weeks. Many choose to employ a window cleaner but the job can easily be done yourself if you prefer. Simply use a sponge and warm water containing a window cleaning agent of your choice. After thoroughly cleaning the window use a squeegee to finish; making sure to dry the squeegee after each swipe.

UPVC windows are renowned for their energy saving ability. They help to trap heat in your home by creating a very strong seal and rarely create condensation build up. Sometimes condensation is unavoidable though and windows should be opened daily to allow fresh air to get in. Most windows are fitted with vents to make this process easier.

To keep your UPVC windows opening and closing smoothly and with ease you should lightly oil all fixtures and fittings at least once a year or as needed. UPVC windows do have a tendency to stick after a while but the fittings are easily adjusted. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself you should contact a professional.

Benefits of UPVC Doors and Windows

Choosing UPVC doors and windows for your home can be an expensive decision but a worthwhile one. It is actually one of the best things a homeowner can do for a whole number of reasons, we’re just going to look at a few.

UPVC windows are very common these due to the way they keep heat in your home and the same can be said about UPVC doors. Even though they cost more than wooden alternatives you will notice the effect on your energy bills. They’re not only great insulation for heat but are also great at keeping sound out, this could be especially important if you live in a busy area or on a main road.

Security isn’t something people naturally think about when choosing their windows and doors. UPVC doors offer a much higher level of security than their wooden counterparts. Thanks to their steel core they can’t be broken down the way traditional wooden doors can and are overall just more secure. When combined with high quality locks they are the number one way to prevent intruders entering your property through the door.

One of the biggest concerns with wooden doors and windows is the effects of the elements on their construction. Damp and mould can easily build up and cause damage to the construction and changes in temperature and climate can cause wood to expand and contract affecting how well your doors and windows fit in their frames. This isn’t the case with UPVC doors and windows. The way they are constructed should ensure the weather has no effect on their integrity.

Unlike wooden doors and windows which need regular attention, UPVC doors and windows require very little maintenance. As long as you oil the locks on occasion, keep the glass clean and wipe down the plastic every now and then you should have no problems.

One of the biggest arguments against UPVC windows and doors has always been how they look. For a long time they were only available in white and most people didn’t like how they look in comparison with wooden windows and doors. They have since seen a large spike in popularity thanks to many different coloured and wood-look types of UPVC in addition to the other numerous benefits.

One of the best reasons to get UPVC doors and windows is the value it adds if you ever decide to sell your home. Many people looking for a new home will consider UPVC a necessity and many won’t want to go to the trouble of having new windows and doors fitted themselves.

Why purchasing UPVC doors and windows in Surrey make sure you look around and even visit South Coast Windows showroom for more information and advice.

Conservatory Planning and Storage

There are so many home improvement shows and ideas on how to get the most storage space in your home that every room can be transformed with small tweaks and a lot of planning. However, one room that is often under-utilised is a conservatory.

If you have one of these structures already it is possibly being used as a summer room and then storage. It is easy to start placing the odd few items in the conservatory, especially if it is not being used during the winter. When the next summer comes you have to clear out the room again. One alternative is to use the room as a play room or relaxing area and not to focus on using it only during the summer.

If the conservatory has been built correctly it will be acting as an extension to the home and not a separate building. One of the most popular ranges of conservatories is the Edwardian style. It offers a bright and stylish living area. Often this style is timeless and therefore an investment. This style has full length panes of glass so that you views are not restricted.

The conservatory style tends to have a 3 sides and the roof tends to be pitched. The conservatory is made up of 3 sides and placed directly against the wall. The roof style often gives a feeling of space and height, which is why this style is popular. It can be used for relaxing or entertaining.

If you want to make use of the conservatory during the winter this will be fine as they are fitted with insulation and energy saving in mind. The strong UPVC windows and doors that are used within the structure makes conservatories a great addition to any home.

If you are looking for conservatories in Kent or the local surrounding areas then make sure you look at the range available to order from South Coast Windows.

Keep Your Gutters Clear This Winter

One of the main concerns when it comes to owning a home is repairs. Some of these repairs can be factored into the budget and some general house maintenance can prevent expensive repairs even being needed.

If you own a home with new guttering, make sure these are checked regularly. Even the new style guttering cannot filter out leaves and general debris that builds up. During the autumn months the falling leaves and twigs collect in the guttering, especially if the home is near a tree. It pays to get up to the guttering and manually clear out anything that has built up. The rain water will collect and if it cannot flow down the guttering into the drain, it will settle and eventually either overflow or worse, create weight will be eventually force the guttering to crack and start to leak.

Water seeping into a building can have consequences to the foundations and general condition of the house over time. It is best to make sure rain water can flow into the drains. Check the condition of the guttering in the summer months so you have time to make any alterations before the winter.

Guttering also needs be cleared on conservatories aswell. If you have a conservatory attached to the house, water will also build up in-between the house and conservatory, which can cause problems or water will start dripping onto the roof, causing residue to build up and similar problems occurring with water not being able to flow in the guttering.
Check all guttering and supporting clips holding the guttering for signs of weathering and get these fixed as soon as possible.

If you need new guttering for a home or conservatory in Kent or the Surrey area then check local suppliers like South Coast Windows who will be able to offer advice and guttering products to suit.

What to Look for when Buying a House

There are several points to look for when purchasing a home and one of the main factors is the exterior. If you are currently looking around homes and viewing all the different styles, take a look at the windows and doors and check the condition of the windows and frames.
New build houses will have double glazing windows with the popular UPVC windows look. These are popular for a reason as they are weatherproof and durable. The general maintenance is low and only requires them to be cleaned.

Check when purchasing a home that the windows are double glazed and it can cost more money to get replacement windows. This is fine to remove the cost of the purchase price, or at least consider this additional cost you will have to factor in before a purchase.
There are some homes that still have single glazing and timber frame windows, but consider that timber does need to be treated and looked after more than UPVC. If treated correctly timber can work just as well is the correct paint treatment is used.

There are different styles of UPVC windows, such as casement windows, sliding sash windows and even tilt and turn windows. If your house is a modern house, then tilt and turn or casement windows would be suitable. If you have a period house like a Victorian then sliding sash windows are often fitted.

If you are considering purchasing a house with single glazed windows consider the cost of replacing before the cold winter months otherwise heating bills will rise. South Coast Windows provide choice in UPVC windows in the Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and Sussex area.