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The Door of Summer 2016 | Double Glazed French Doors

The weather is starting to hot up and summer will be soon upon us. There’s no better time to invest in some doors to make the most of the UK sun.

Which one should you choose? Growing in popularity is the double glazed French door – and for good reason.

What is a French door?

French doors are usually hinged double doors which open either inwards or outwards. Their main benefit is that you have access to the entire opening. This is ideal for smaller properties or gardens to maximise available space. They can transform your home.

Double Glazed French Doors

What should I be looking for in a French Door?

They’re visually appealing, and our double glazed French doors are also incredibly practical for energy and durability needs. They offer a versatile alternative to typical doors. Full height side lights can be used to ensure people’s eyes are on your beautiful, new French doors.

Double Glazed French Doors 2

Double Glazed French Doors

French doors have many advantages. The space options for moving in and out furniture is very useful, the large gap makes it extremely easy to get whatever you need in or out of your home. They also create a unique feeling of bringing the garden into your home as they can open so fully. You can make the most out of your space while enjoying the outdoors. You also get tremendous amounts of light, brightening your home and your mood considerably.

double glazed french doors 3

Functional and fashionable

Double glazed French doors are both easy to fit and beautiful to look at. They can be cleaned extremely easily, whilst offering an extremely high amount of glass surface in order to make the most of your door.

Still not quite sure? See some beautiful examples of french doors. If they aren’t quite to your liking, see our luxurious alternative bifolding doors.

What Is a Casement Window?

The Casement Window

A casement window is a classic favourite in the UK and is still one of the most popular in all of Europe. They’re attached to their frame with hinges that allow for the window to be opened completely outward or inward. They open easily and allow for much greater ventilation than other window types.

casement windows 1

Letting the outdoors into your home

Casement windows are able to give you the most enjoyment of the outdoors. As they open so much further than other window types, they’re also ideal for ventilation. There’s no other window that lets so much fresh air into your home. Your view is also greatly enhanced. When it’s open you can see out of all of the space possible. While it is shut you’ll have less frame to obstruct your view. We know that natural light has many different benefits.

Keeping your home secure

Casement windows are a very secure type. The locks are hooked into the frame so that they can’t be pryed apart. The frame itself is strong and multi-chambered. There is multi point and shootbolt locking also available to further secure the window.

casement windows 2

Keeping bills down

Depending on where you acquire your casement window, the energy efficiency can differ. All of our casement windows however, are ‘A’ rated. They’re the very best in double glazed sealed units. They keep energy costs low whilst providing the many other benefits of a casement window.

casement windows 3

Are they right for you?

There are many different benefits for the casement window. They’re able to successfully keep your home secure, ventilated, look beautiful and keep energy costs to a minimum. It’s easy to see why the casement window is one of the most popular window types ever! See our top quality casement window range for the very best windows around the south coast.

If you’re seeking to further bridge the gap between your garden and home, read about our bifold doors. Alternatively, if you’re entranced by the casement window. Read about when to get new windows.

Sliding Sash Windows | The Beautiful, Practical Window

What are sliding sash windows?

Sliding sash windows are a beautiful way of securing the many benefits of the uPVC window whilst enjoying a wonderful aesthetic. New advancements mean fiddly cords are removed and you can simply control the window with your fingers. The sashes can tilt inwards for cleaning and proficient insulation.

A sliding sash window

What can they offer?

Sliding sash windows have low maintenance, high insulation and are incredibly visually appealing. It’s strong, durable and extremely secure. It is skilfully constructed, able to perform when you need to and resist air and water. The result is a slim but practical elegance that is very versatile. It won’t obstruct the exterior, allowing windows to be opened where they would normally obstruct paths. It’s an ideal time to invest in home improvement, as it can pay dividends over time.

Perfect visuals

Sliding sash windows can perfectly compliment your home no matter the current decor. They look very similar to the previously flawed timber sliding sash windows that are now a thing of the past. Sliding sash windows are ideal for enjoying the very best aesthetics without any of the downsides. Energy bills are reduced, saving you money and aiding the environment.

Energy efficient

uPVC windows offer amazing energy efficiency, they’re able to keep heat in whilst adding value and beauty to your home. They’re cost effective over time due to reducing bills. They’re even efficient in warmer months. As they can be opened on both the top and the bottom, hot air is let out and cooler air is let in below to refresh the air in your home. Year round, your enjoyment of your home is improved.

The corner of a sliding sash window

Low Maintenance

Maintenance requirements are very low, due to being modern UPVC. Our sliding sash windows are able to simply be wiped down when dirty. They’re resistant to scratches and all they need annually is a minor movement check.

Not quite what you’re looking for? We have many other styles available with the majority of the benefits of sliding sash windows.

The 4 Reasons to Get Patio Doors This Summer

It’s starting to heat up considerably across the UK, with some sources stating that this year’s summer could possibly be the hottest on record! This makes it a perfect time to start preparations to really enjoy your garden this year. Luckily there is a product that makes it so you can enjoy your garden no matter the weather, as we know just how unpredictable the UK weather can be.

See the light

Patio doors are incredibly useful for making sure your rooms are lit up and the outdoors is extremely visible, whilst still keeping the warmth in your home just in case the weather does turn for the worse! The massive window panes mean you get incredible light bursting through your home, improving your mood and brightening your room.

Patio Door on a sunny day


Patio doors have advanced technology wise, and are now able to insulate your home effectively. The glass is able to keep the room when it’s hot and warm when it is cold. This also means you’re receiving benefits year round from your patio doors.


Our patio doors are available in 2, 3 or 4 panes. One or two sections can be sliding depending on what your requirements are. They can be just how you envisaged, removing the gap between your home and garden.

Patio Door


All opening sections are fitted with anti-lift devices as security elements must always be considered. This means they can’t be lifted off their rails so you’re comfortable in the knowledge that your property is secure.

Where Do I Get Patio Doors?

South Coast Windows have a selection of patio doors available. We can either supply them to experienced DIY or contractors or install them ourselves to remove the hassle. We’re proven home improvement specialists, and have a wealth of experience in supplying just what our customers need. If these aren’t to your liking, have a look at our bifolding doors.

Home Improvement | The Time is Now


House prices are continuing to get higher and higher across the UK, notably in the areas we cover including Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey. There are no boundaries of what to do regarding improving your home in regards to improving its value. You can improve your experience of your home, while also improving its resale value tremendously. According to the Office for National Statistics, house prices are predicted to rise by 7% per year. In Brighton and Hove there has been an amazingly high surge in value, with many areas having their house prices rise by around 550-600%! This kind of boost makes your improvements much better in terms of how much they’ll repay you in the future. Improvements like a conservatory are said to improve your homes value by 5%  you can take advantage and reap around a 12% boost per year.Conservatory


This is ideal for many different properties. Improvements like bifolding, patio or french doors can add a large amount to your property whilst costing far less than their overall return. What you’re achieving with this and other products is an investment in your home that easily repay the amount that you put into it. UVPC windows are extremely secure and are even expected to be present in many modern properties. Southcoast have a variety of options available to boost the experience of your home whilst greatly improving the resale value of it. We have a variety of secure, practical and varied options available to suit any scenario. PVC fascia can reduce maintenance requirements whilst improving your houses value, it also greatly improves the visual appeal of your property.Conservatory


It’s an ideal time to pursue many different improvements. The house prices that have risen make improvements extremely valuable whilst really making your house a home. This holds especially true in the Brighton and Hove and other areas around Sussex. In Brighton and Hove there was an 11% increase from 2014 to 2015 and this year is set to be no different.PVC fascia


Top 4 Reasons to Invest in PVC Guttering and Fascia

There are many different reasons to invest in PVC guttering and fascia, among these are many practical and cost effective benefits. Southcoast Windows are able to supply these benefits to homes in the Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey areas.

1. Maintenance

Our PVC guttering and fascias don’t need painting or maintaining. Typical timber rots and gradually deteriorates over time. The poor UK weather makes this even worse. PVC guttering and fascia don’t suffer these issues and only need a rare wash down for peak condition. This reduces costs and saves time. It also makes it safer as there will be far less need to go up to the roof.

2. Appearance

PVC guttering and fascia can come in a variety of different colours which wouldn’t be available with outdated wood alternatives. As illustrated above they also do not decompose so will be in a cleaner condition, as a result they’ll be a benefit to your home at all times and will not be dirty or negative element.

3. Costs

Economically there are also many positives. There are lower maintenance costs year round, and your guttering or fascia will not need replacing as often. The costs of repairing the inferior timber versions would be similar to just installing brand new PVC guttering and fascia.

4. Value

Like with many of the services South Coast Windows offer, quality PVC guttering or fascia adds further value to your home. They add a brilliant blend of visual and monetary value for your home.

As you can see, it’s hard to even think about installing or repairing old timber guttering and fascia when there is such an amazing alternative available. PVC is the way forward for many different products, and these are no different. From the extremely reduced maintenance requirements, to the clean finish, PVC is the future of guttering and fascia.

When Do You Need New uPVC Windows?

a teacup sitting by a windowWindows are a very important part of the home. Think of them as an investment in your property, as they add tremendous value. A properly installed uPVC window will not have to be replaced for quite some time. Unfortunately, they can be fitted improperly and this leads to many complications. In this article we’ll also be discussing how to look after those beautiful windows after they’re installed.


Older windows can be easier to break in. They have less security features and the glass is usually of a weaker strength. If they’re not fitted securely in the frame, it can be very easy for intruders to enter your property. uPVC windows are durable, with state of the art frames designed to resist damage.


The newer the better, especially uPVC windows as they are extremely energy efficient. Windows that are older usually have small leaks and let drafts into your home. This leads to more heating costs, especially over a long period of time. This is one of the main reasons uPVC windows are so popular, saving customers money over time.

Noise Reduction

Noise pollution is a serious issue depending on your surroundings. Constant noise from neighbours or cars can cause stress and reduce enjoyment of your home. Getting new windows can really reduce noise levels in your home. Keeping heat and blocking out noise is another feature of our uPVC windows, making them suitable for any environment.


Older windows can have scratches and marks on the glass. This obscures your view and makes it look less appealing overall. uPVC windows require far less maintenance and are extremely hard wearing, reducing the chances of any blemishes on your window. they will not suffer from things like rusting or fading.

There are many different benefits to investing in new windows. They’re an extremely important choice for your home and are often overlooked when they really should be changed. See all the windows we have on offer here. If do you have uPVC windows, how do you make them last as long as you possibly could?

How to care for your uPVC windows

Whether you’re in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire or Surrey, our uPVC windows are extremely durable and require extremely low maintenance. To keep them looking their best they don’t require much effort, but there’s a few cleaning tips we’ve put together.

How to clean your windows

uPVC windows are cleaned simply by using warm water and washing up liquid, then dry the window and you’ll have a clear, shiny uPVC window once more. Make sure if trying other cleaning products that you check what they’re meant to work on before application.

How to clean window sills

Usually a light cleaning agent is used on window sills, removing dust and any debris. If the product is checked and is suitable on the packaging then it should be fine. Another alternative is washing up liquid using a soft wet cloth. Remember to dry the sills down to prevent streaks. Any sort of hard cloth can possibly damage parts of the uPVC so be careful.

Annual checks

To prevent the possibility of large maintenance costs, the window fittings will require a movement test just to ensure they’re still functioning correctly. The screws on any of these fittings also need to be checked just in case they’re loose, if they are simply tighten with a screwdriver.

Southcoast Windows offer a ten year guarantee across all areas covered, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey. It is extremely unlikely a problem would occur with our products or glass, but all it takes is a phone call and a visit will be organised to resolve the issue. Maintaining your windows preserves this guarantee.

Bifolding Doors Role in Bridging the Gap Between Your Home and Garden

The UK isn’t exactly internationally renowned for having consistent good weather. Luckily there is a way to fully take advantage and enjoy the good weather when it is around. As well as many other practical benefits. The solution is the once luxury, but now very affordable bifolding door.

How do bifolding doors work?

Bifolding doors work by having all the door parts slide against the outer frame, allowing it to open as much as possible. They can be of varying sizes and can stack inwards or outwards. Fitting on your house or conservatory, bifolding doors allow for the garden to truly become part of your home.

Bi Fold White 3

Space and light

Enjoying the garden is a very relaxing prospect, with bifolding doors the space will be maximised so you can really take full advantage. It can make a stuffy, cramped living room feel like a completely different space. The doors take up almost no room when full opened so that space can be fully utilised.

Enjoy your garden

It will also be far more visible while indoors, which means the soothing effect of the garden can be experienced even in colder months. You’ll even be able to enjoy the sounds and odours of nature far better with the doors open, making the garden feel like just another room.


Let the light in

Bifolding doors maximise light into your home, open or closed. Natural light has many health benefits as well as looking beautiful. These benefits are illustrated in our other blog post.


Children or pets can be let outside much more freely as they will be far more visible and easy to supervise. Now you can enjoy your cup of tea in peace while also looking after your loved ones.


Our bifolding doors aren’t just for the summer months either, as their thermal efficiency is second to none and will provide better insulation throughout the year. They’re perfect for keeping wind out and keeping bills down consistently. Bifolding doors act as an amazing investment to your home that will stand the test of time.

Finding the Right Conservatory for You

Lean-To Conservatory

It’s very important when choosing a conservatory to take into account the different options for you. They offer a variety of different benefits and features, including adding a lot of value for your home. It can be used to enjoy the summer heat, and also cosy up in the colder months. Luckily, South Coast offer a great variety of modern, stylish conservatories in the Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey areas.

Edwardian Conservatory

This style uses space very effectively. It can be square or rectangular with great insulation properties. Height is a major feature of the Edwardian as the roof is sloped upwards. It can be used for many different purposes and offers a great way of maximising space.  It is a very popular style, and for good reason!

Gable End Conservatory

The Gable End conservatory offers a clean design, inspired by conservatories of old. This is a spacious square or rectangular design. The front of the roof is designed so that it doesn’t slope back towards the middle. It stays upright. The Gable End is perfect for adding a touch of class to a conservatory, whilst focusing on preserving as much space and light as possible.

Lean-To Conservatory

A simple, affordable design is what the Lean-to stands for. It is also a very versatile conservatory. They offer a design of a single sloping roof which means it can be added onto more properties than other conservatories. It can be insulated appropriately, and gives you the enjoyment of a conservatory at a low cost.

Orangeries Conservatory

Classic design, with modern materials and technologies is the Orangeries design philosophy. The roof is different to the above, as the fascia is pronounced with a prominent ceiling band. There is a grand feeling due to the height and traditional design.  Historically, these were used as part of the wealthy elites homes. Now they are made affordable and practical and offer a unique aesthetic for your conservatory needs.

P –Shape Conservatory

Conservatories are combined to form a P shape to make this kind of conservatory. An Edwardian is mixed with a 3 or 5 section Victorian Conservatory to form a P-shape. It got its name due to it looking like a P from above. This unique design is suited to making a statement whilst also making great use of space.

T-Shape Conservatory

T Shape Conservatory

Like the P-Shape, the T-Shape is aptly named due to looking like a T from above. It can either be formed from a variety of combinations, including the previously mentioned Edwardian design.  This offers a long design perfect for really extending a property. It serves as a great way of extending the home further into the garden. The possibilities are endless for this style, as the large size allows it to be used any way you see fit.

Victorian Conservatory

3 or 5 section bells are part of the design for the Victorian conservatories. They offer a very stylish appearance and can really add character to your home. There is a beautifully constructed plate mounted on the roof. The iconic look and practical features make the Victorian a standout in popularity.

Any of these are extremely popular choices. They can add tremendous value and enjoyment to your home, providing an extra room at a worthy cost. It is far cheaper than moving to a bigger house for example, and less hassle! The light will improve your mood. Most people find that it helps them on a visual level, but vitamin D also comes which is an essential for any healthy individual.

Whatever your choice, South Coast offer a bespoke service to meet your needs in the Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey areas. The extra space will be customised to your needs, including the base of each conservatory.  Multi-walled polycarbonate and self-cleaning insulated glass are offered depending on designs and preference to ensure full satisfaction.

T Shape Conservatory

Sealing Your Exterior Windows & Doors (2018 guide)

How to seal an exterior window and door


Get prepared banner

Tools you need banner

What silicone sealant should I use? 

Before you start it’s recommended that you buy a Low Modulus silicone sealant, for external use as this will be water resistant.

Quick checklist: 

  • Low modulus silicone sealant
  • Silicone gun
  • Razor knife
  • Sealant remover
  • Bucket of warm water & sponge
  • Ladder
  • Dry weather

Razor knife banner

Take off old sealant around edges

Remove any broken or old sealant around the edges with a razor knife. If necessary apply sealant remover with a brush, sit down, have a coffee, then come back and remove the rest. Onto step 3!

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Sealing window with silicone

Sealing the frame

Cut the tip off the tube (if there’s an additional seal on the tube, use a nail to pierce this) and place it into the silicone gun.

Push the handle until you feel resistance, then hold it at a 45 degree angle and carefully start laying the silicone along the gaps between the window / door and the surface. Try to keep a consistent line, as a messy application may be visibly unattractive after it dries up.

Smoothing silicone with finger

Remove excess silicone sealant

The silicone should usually be touch dry in 60 minutes (or the time the instructions state). If you have any excess silicone left over, and particularly if you have a big job, use a wet sponge or wet your hands and smooth over the silicone as you go.

If you find some excess silicone after it’s fully cured, you can still remedy this by using the razor knife and cutting off the excess, then using a wet sponge go over the area to remove any excess bits.

Good luck, and if you liked this post be sure to check out our other home improvement tips.