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South Coast Windows, based in East Sussex, supply and fit UPVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories to the South Coast region of the UK.

The Guidebook to Conservatories

There are many different types of conservatories that you can choose from. Depending on your preference and the style of your home.

In this case, Lean to conservatories are popular among the public and are in high demand. They’re also known as Mediterranean. If you’re after something that is a bit more on the simple side, then this is definitely the conservatory for you. They are also a good option if you’re on tight budget, as they tend to be priced relatively low.

Conservatory picture for blog


Victorian style conservatories are considered to be the most popular, with a bay at the front, pitched roof and ornate roof ridge. Elegant and spacious, their bay offers great garden views and adds an eye-catching feature that will suit any property.

Edwardian & Georgian

In regards to the Edwardian or Georgian style conservatories, they are very similar to the Victorian-style; however, these have a flat front and a rectangular shape. Many would consider the Georgian house style to be the archetypical English home, with the name Georgian architecture given to certain architectural styles between 1700 and 1840.

Gable End

Gable conservatories on the other hand, are characterised by their roof, as it doesn’t slope back to the centre, but stays upright to give a feeling of height. They bare a lot of resemblance to the Georgian and Edwardian styles, but are considered to be more of a modern version.

P Shape

P Shape Conservatory is a mix of lean to and Victorian or Edwardian styles to create a P shape. These are often fairly large and good for providing flexible extra living space. T-shape conservatory is a conservatory style that has central projection that often extends across most of the width of your home. Good for detached houses with large gardens.

Orangery & Conservatories

Experts have stated that there has been a growing trend towards more substantial conservatories being built. The correct name for these builds, are orangeries, although in many cases they are referred as garden rooms or sun rooms. Orangeries are often described as half of a traditional conservatory and a small single-storey extension. They tend to include more brickwork, often with brick pillars or supports in the corners. They have a semi-solid roof with a glass lantern in the centre, or a fully tiled roof.

Why Us ?

At South Coast Windows, were committed to delivering high-quality service, and offer a great range of conservatories at competitive prices. If you found this blog to beneficial in any way why not drop us a message or give us a call 0800 389 5957.

Changing the Face of Your Home with Composite Doors

Home improvement is a forever ending task for families, whether you’re changing the furniture in your living room or your kitchen flooring, from the colour scheme of bedrooms to the types of windows and doors installed, a home is a reflection of a family’s taste and uniqueness.

Changing the Face of your house with Composite doors

The face of your house is always the first thing viewers see and it is important that it makes a statement. There are many external features that influence our opinions on whether a house looks good. However, front doors often seem to have the biggest impact and dictate the appearance of a home.

Front door

Is it time for a new change?

A common door type, used for the entrance is composite doors. They are very popular for a variety of reasons and usually come in a rainbow of colours. There high-quality security locking system and durability are two reasons why they are so popular. Composite doors are also manufactured in a very different way to other doors. In terms of design and appearance, we offer many styles that may be to your liking.

The Different Materials

Composite doors are made up of a variety of materials. The manufacturing process involves combining the following, PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (Glass reinforced plastic). Together they make a very strong and secure door. Composite back and front doors have a high resistance to weathering and will not react to seasonal changes like singular material doors. Their unique design gives off the idea that they are wooden, with an attractive wood grain. They also have a higher thermal resistance than wooden doors, due to the insulating foam core. Thanks to the materials used, they won’t fade, discolour or require any maintenance beyond wiping with a damp cloth if it gets dirty.

Front Door Security

When it comes to security, these doors are one of the most secure, which is mainly due to the GRP skin. Unlike wooden doors, composite doors resist force. In addition, these doors come with a multi-point locking system, which holds the door to frame in several places, unlike many other standard doors.

What we offer

At South Coast Windows, we aim to deliver the highest of standards when it comes to customer service. We have such a wide selection of Composite Doors and would be more than happy to help you find the perfect one for your home.

The Key Benefits of UPVC Sliding Slash Windows

It is common that Victorian or Edwardian style properties have glazed windows glazed. At South Coast Windows we offer a wide range UPVC options that come with a number of benefits. In today’s post, South Coast Windows will be exploring the key benefits of choosing the Sliding slash windows design for your home or office.

Sliding Sash Windows

Visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. UPVC Sash Windows offer a beautiful glazing option. Elegant and streamlined, they’ll complement your home decor, and create an inviting appearance for visitors to your property.

Key Benefits

Excellent Energy Efficiency

Although Sliding Sash doors are pleasing on the eye they are also very energy efficient.  Double glazing ensures that heat doesn’t so readily escape buildings in the winter months. This is very beneficial for keeping energy bills down, which is great news for both your bank account and the environment.

Easy to Open Sash Windows

Poorly maintained sash windows can often lead to them being stiff and hard to open. With South Coast Windows, Our UPVC sash windows incorporate a counterbalanced system, which ensures that they’re always easy to open and close.

Sash windows also allow excellent climate control in the summer months. Due to them being able to open at the top and the bottom, hot air is able to escape through the top section, while cooler air can enter below and effectively ventilate your home.

Sliding Slash window Security

When sliding sash windows are maintained and are kept in good working condition, they remain well secured. Specific high-quality locks can add to ensure that both sashes remain secure and locked.
Dual screws comprise of a full or half threaded bolt which is screwed through an internally threaded barrel fitted in the top of the lower sash into a simple hole in the bottom of the upper sash or in some cases into another threaded barrel.

Although the fully threaded bolt is more expensive, it is a more secure fitting. The cheaper, half threaded bolts can bend under force from a large level, especially if they keep plate has not been fitted over the hole in the upper sash and both suffer from the problem of sash and both suffer.

What Windows we Offer

At South Coast Windows, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality service.
If you’re based in the Sussex area and you’d like to have sash windows installed in your home or office, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to Stay Warm Against the Cold Brighton Breeze with UPVC Doors

Winter in Brighton is simply beautiful and is always full of fun, exciting treats and places to explore. Brighton Pier is known to be a hot destination, for many of us. Heading down to the pier during the summer period is a great time to take in the blazing sun, the warm sand and witness a gorgeous view of the English Channel.

Nevertheless, living near the beach and being situated in a seaside town all year round, can have its drawbacks especially during the winter phase. Being situated on the edge of England, Brighton is largely exposed to strong winds, heavy rain and snow.

With the weather forecasting heavy duty snow for the south of England this winter, it’s time to bundle up, stay warm and start thinking about how to best preserve the heat in our homes.

Many of us are already experiencing the cold winter nights, some more than others. Cold drafts continue to invade our homes, as we’re left unsure where there coming from, which is leading to a lot of heat loss and rising gas bills.


Are Your Doors the Reason for Heat Loss

When it comes to heat loss, doors vary just as much as the different types of walls do. Wooden doors, for example, are more prone to heat loss, due to wood being a poor heat insulator. Typically hardwood doors tend to have a U Value of between 2.5 and 3, which is not very good. You can imagine after years of being exposed to the elements that those doors become even less energy efficient. This maybe one of the reasons why some of your homes are still cold today. If your home has wooden doors, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. UPVC doors, on the other hand, tend to have A U ratings, which is the highest when it comes to energy efficiency.

Introducing Brighton’s Best UPVC supplier

At South Coast windows we understand the strict measures that need to take place, in order for your home to remain nice and warm over winter. We offer the ideal solution that will increase heat insulation in your home and keep those gas bills down.  Our wide selection of high-quality thermal insulation UPVC doors, do an incredible job of preventing the cold breeze from penetrating your homes. As well as keeping the drafts out, they perform equally as well, in preserving heat and maximum heat circulation, ensuring no warmth escapes your home. Our unique UPVC doors come in all shapes and sizes and vary in prices depending on performance and installation.

Decisions Decisions….

If maximizing heat insulation and staying warm are your number priorities, our UPVC, and glazed doors are regarded as the best choices. The two sheets of glass in the window of some of our doors have a gap in between, which helps create an insulating barrier that keeps heat in, for those found of glazed doors. However, it all depends on where the door is going to be installed and whether it will be facing the interior or exterior of your house.

If you are interested in our UPVC doors but are unsure what sizes or what door is right for you, don’t hesitate to give us call or pop in for a friendly chat, where our members of staff are more than happy to offer advice and assist you with your decision-making.

Keep warm this winter with South Coast Windows.

The Durability of French Doors or the Handiness of Patio Doors

There are a number things to consider when you’re purchasing your backyard doors. Every house has a unique style from the other, what necessarily looks good on one property, may not be the same for another. French doors and Patio doors have often been compared to in the past as the best choices for backyard doors, however, many people fail to understand the differences and constraints of each design.

Patio doors were commonly known as sliding doors, and have slowly developed the name over time, covering all types of doors that open out or onto your garden or patio areas. These include the following, French doors, Bi-fold doors, and sliding doors. All types tend to operate differently and offer different benefits.


So what’s the difference?

Most people may commonly describe French doors as a set of double doors that open outwards; however, they can open in as well. They can also be easily identified, by their hinged design. Their compact design is quite popular with small structural openings and is seen more on small properties.

French Doors are known to offer a hand full of benefits, mainly due to their UPVC design. UPVC French doors are water and fire resistant which makes them a great choice for backyard doors. They won’t be prone to rust or rotting, and in case of an emergency fire, the doors, do a very good job containing flames.

During cold winter nights, they’re also known to be good heat insulators. Keeping the heat indoors can be quite a hard task especially in an old house. As well as French doors offering functional attributes they are also aesthetically pleasing on the eye and come in a range of stylish designs.

Patio Doors, also offer a stylish design, however, their smart design takes up less space in comparison to French doors. Patio doors are ideal for properties with small patios and even for balconies, they are also not prone to blow open like swinging doors.


French Doors tend to come with multipoint locks where you can either chose between having 3 or 5 locking points, adding a high-quality security system to your home.

On the other hand, patio doors tend to come with security hooks to prevent being levered; they can also have lockable drop bolts installed on the sliding leaf, which makes a great addition.

Both doors come equip with high standard security systems to ensure every home is kept safe at all times


So which doors do I choose?

Both doors have great benefits; however, there are 5 things you should think about before making your decision. First, think of the size of your opening. You don’t want to order a pair of doors and find out they take up too much space. Secondly, think of each doors performance and whether they benefit you. For example, thermal loss and ventilation. Consider the security aspects of the doors and whether they are up to your standards. And most importantly consider your budget, although it’s always nice to have the latest designs and trends’, finding the right doors for the right price is very important.

What we offer

At South Coast Windows, we stock both French and Patio doors and offer a range of different styles and designs to cater to any home. Located in East Sussex, we supply to Brighton, Seaford, Hove, and Surrey and throughout South England. So Why not click here to find out more or get a quote.

Sussex’s Finest Window Design and Installation Service

Winter is on its’ way, and what greater time to replace your windows. It’s quite simple, lost heat equates to higher energy bills. Although the equation is simple, it is very hard to determine the amount of heat you are losing, as there are many factors involved. One of the main factors is, how much is it costing you. Below are a few things to consider, which will help you make the right choice.


Replacing Your Windows

One way of checking if you need new windows is by placing the palm of your hand up against the window. If the window appears to be cold, that’s a clear indicator that you need to get replacements. If your windows have any cracks or breaks, you will definitely be losing heat on a regular basis, pumping heat around the house, only for it to be escaping through exposed gaps and cracks. Having windows longer than 15 years is also a good indicator that you need to replace them. The majority of homeowners can definitely benefit from the upgrade, as its often the case that your windows have been exposed to a lot of wear and tear over the years.

At this time of the year, many people feel that they are unable to replace their windows, and often ask the question ‘ is it ever too late to get energy efficient windows. The answer is it’s never too late. October is ideally a great time to get them. Whereas waiting until the middle of winter, weather conditions can impact the work going on.

Saving Money

Many of us feel that we’ve had enough of throwing our money at new windows, Here South Coast windows we have the solution. Our windows are kitted out with latest modern technology that allows homeowners to maximize heating efficiency. UPVC windows have been the market leader for years, due to their hard wearing, versatile, strength, durability, but now their capacity to keep the heat in. At South Coast, there is widespread of windows that will ensure everyone is warm this winter.


Don’t waste your money on windows that won’t be durable all year round. Reach out to us today and let’s start dreaming about what your home could look and feel like with new windows and technologies. With South Coast, we guarantee that you will save bags of money. Strike while the iron is hot and get your energy efficient windows installed now. Spend this winter in the warmth, with more money at your disposal.

At South Coast, we pride ourselves on delivering the very highest customer service as well as a great selection of products at great value. We are very proud of our 9.7 rating on Checktrade, establishing ourselves as one of England’s best window, door, conservatory, and roofline suppliers.

Book a Design & Installation today.

Are You Moving House? | Have You Checked the Windows?

Before purchasing a new home it is always important to make sure you carry a checklist when it comes to inspecting the property. As well as viewing the interior it’s imperative that you check the exterior features such as the type of windows (UPVC Windows, wooden, aluminium) and window frames. Many people forget to check these basic features and find themselves having problems later down the line.


UPVC Windows

With new builds, many of them will already have the popular UPVC windows installed. However, some houses have yet to upgrade their windows and find that they constantly having to maintain them, whether this is through sealing cracks or painting them. What you’ll find with UPVC windows is that they require minimal maintenance. Annual cleaning of the frames and hardware lubricating will ensure that your windows remain clean and in good working order. You will also find these windows to be weatherproof and more durable in comparison to other windows.

Inspecting the condition

If you’re a person that likes to keep warm in the winter and save money, always make sure to check that the windows are double glazed. Nothing is worst than finding out later on that they are only single glazed. Doubled glazed windows are proven to be more energy efficient and therefore more cost-effective as oppose to single glazed. It’s very common that people end up purchasing a home and soon after, have to spend more, to maintain or replace their windows.

How secure are the windows?

We all know that the world is a dangerous place and full of all types of crooks and thieves. It is crucial that you know the extent of how secure the windows are. Windows and doors are the number one and two breaking and entering points. UPVC windows can be installed with high-security locks that will ensure that all your valuables and possessions are kept safe. So make sure when you’re purchasing a home, that the windows are all fitted with well-secured locks.


The choices

When it comes to the style of window, there are many different designs to choose from. With today’s modern architecture, many would say that casement or tilt and turn windows are more suitable. On the other hand, if the house is more of a Victorian style, then sliding slash maybe better suited.

Nevertheless, if you are willing to purchase a home with single glazed windows, you may wish to consider replacing them before winter. Winter is the season where our heating bills tend to rise the most. With single glazed windows, your bills may rise much higher than you expect. At South Coast, we offer a range of UPVC windows in the Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, and Sussex area. Why not take a look at our collection.

The Perfect Conservatory

Why do people have Conservatories fitted

For most people, conservatories provide an alternative option as opposed to moving. It’s common that families require more rooms or a larger living space to accommodate a growing family. Installing a conservatory can be a solution to that problem, depending on how much room you need. They have also been described from an economical point of view as very cost-effective and are known to increase the value of one’s home by 5 percent; some experts may even say 10 percent, according to the Royal Institution of Charted Surveyors.

Most recently there has been a sudden urge within Britain for larger kitchens, kitchens that have enough room to harbour dining tables, as well as an open living area. This has had a huge impact on the way conservatories are installed today.

Modern Conservatories

What would your perfect Conservatory look like?

So what if money was no object to you, you could design a conservatory with no limits, and furnish it with whatever your heart desires. If you’re the type of person that likes to tend to their garden, you could design it in a way that allows you to overlook the beautiful view of your blossoming flowers, and fresh fruits ripening. You could furnish your conservatory with comfortable bamboo styled chairs and reclining sofas, to sit back and admire the artwork that you’ve created.

Alternatively, you may want to use the extra space for hosting parties. On a beautiful summers day, you could host a BBQ in there, which would allow you to enjoy the food both inside and outside. To make the evening more entertaining you may wish to put a music system in there, in which you could play loud music, that can be enjoyed by family and friends in the garden.

On the other hand, you may want to opt for something a little more basic, maybe turning your conservatory into your personal man cave or office. This could allow you to escape away from the kids for a while and enjoy some ”you time”, whether it’s reading a book, writing some reports for work or kicking back and watching the football.

Interior of conservatories

If you’re up for something extreme, install your own personal indoor jacuzzi. Experience the ultimate relaxation getaway paradise from your own home.

No matter what the reason, if you are looking for a conservatory install in Surrey then contact us today for more information and advice on planning and installation.

A Breath of Fresh Air | Open Those Windows

I was going to tell you about how to make the most of the summer, but it seems like that isn’t happening…So let’s talk about the importance of fresh air. Open those windows and have a read.

Open Windows

Open your windows

Opening your windows will allow more fresh air to circulate around your home. This is very valuable when you are indoors to enjoy a wide range of benefits. It’s not practical to be outside all the time, that’s why we recommend opening your windows where possible.

Aids digestion

Fresh air helps your digestive system to process food. This is important as your body is digesting food often throughout the day. This can especially help those who are looking to lose weight.

Fresh means happy

The serotonin you produce is greater if you inhale fresh air. This means you’ll be happier and generally feeling more positive. Feeling good is important, either to be productive at an office or just to enjoy your time at home.

Boosting your immune system

Your white blood cells will thank you for all the fresh air you can get. They need as much oxygen as possible in order to be at their best. This means they’ll be able to fight off bacteria and any other illnesses better. No one enjoys being ill after all!

Energy benefits

You’ll feel energised and revitalised after getting some fresh air. It’s great at waking you up and providing a much needed boost when you need it the most. It can stop you feeling lazy or tired – when you need it most. It can make you feel far more creative and productive, helping you make the most of your time.

All in all, we’ve found fresh air to have great benefits. This means that you’ll be leaving your windows open where possible in order to enjoy all of these. If you’re finding that your windows and doors aren’t opening quite enough, the bifold door is ideal for enjoying fresh air and the outdoors.

uPVC Trade Windows in Sussex

Applying silicone around window

South Coast Windows are a frequent supplier to tradesmen of all kinds – this is because we only sell the very best quality products with a focus on providing value. The very best technology is what we use to create the very best trade UPVC windows around. There’s such a wide range available, that we’re positive we have the right window or door for your customer or clients needs.

Experienced trade uPVC window and door supplier

From avid DIYers to tradesmen, we’re known for our supply only service. This is because we offer such high quality products at such competitive prices around Sussex and the surrounding areas. We’re known as the best in the area, providing the very best levels of service at all times. We’re able to offer bespoke uPVC windows and doors, catering to the most specific of requests.

Cutting silicone tube tip

The very best quality trade uPVC doors and windows in Sussex

Our bespoke uPVC windows are perfect for satisfying the needs and requirements of everyone due to their customisability and made to measure capabilities. We have a professional yet personable service that’s amazing for getting the very best quality at the most affordable prices. Trade windows are offered as part of a pricesaver range. Our online quote system is easy to use, and gives you the information you need to make your decision.

casement windows 3

Not a tradesmen or DIYer?

Not what you’re looking for? We’re also able to cater to those who need their windows fitting – being incredibly experienced in fitting windows. Our team have a wealth of expertise, specialists in making your ideal home a reality. We’re able to install windows, doors, conservatories, roofline products and sealed units to the very highest of standards. Whether you need it fitting or supplied, South Coast Windows are a reliable way of fulfilling your home improvement needs.