Top 5 Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

The prospect of purchasing double glazed windows can be a daunting one; with their notoriously high prices it’s no wonder some many are left bewildered at the idea with the same question being presented by many; why double glazing? Rest assured, in this article we’ll express the top 5 benefits of double glazed windows and why we believe, they’re so valuable to you and your home.

Heat Retention

Unlike the traditional window, double glazed windows wont allow heat to escape as easily. The airtight construction of double glazed windows creates thermal insulation. This reduces the flow of incoming and outgoing heat and, in the process, creates a more comfortable household temperature.

Energy Saving

As a result of heat retention, less energy is used to heat up or cool down your home; resulting in lower energy bills. It’s estimated that after the installation of double glazed windows, an average home-owner will save £170, annually, on their energy bills. If you do some simple maths and times the annual saving by the number of years the windows last, the home-owner would have saved £3400 on energy bills.

Sound Proofing

Whether it’s your child playing a drum kit or you have been given the misfortune of living next to a main road, double glazed windows are the answer. Typically, models installed after 2002 have an added layer of insulation that keeps sound out by creating a barrier between the home and the environment outside which is great news for you home-owners who live near a main road.

Increased Safety

Unfortunately for the common burglar, double glazed windows are tougher to break than the traditional window. Not only are they tougher to break, they’re sealed much tighter which makes them harder to force open.

Resale and Aesthetics

If you’re an individual who takes pride in their home, double glazed windows are for you. In the simplest of senses, they look nicer than the traditional windows. With an increase in aesthetic value to your home, this will be sure to increase the resale value. It’s a win win, really.

Which UPVC Window would Benefit your Home?

When searching for the perfect windows for your home, there are a variety of choices that can provide you with the benefits that you are looking to ensure that your home looks beautiful, is energy efficient and increases the value of your home.

We’re going to be discussing the pros of each window type to ensure that you can find the best window to suit your home and needs.

UPVC Windows

UPVC windows are one of the most popular solutions for installing new windows in homes.

There are many benefits of UPVC windows for your home with the biggest benefit being that they are weatherproof. Normal windows with wooden frames may rot and become dangerous if the window pane becomes loose making them more expensive in the long run. Installing UPVC windows can benefit you and your home due to the fact that they are rain and cold proof meaning cold air and rain will be kept out thus providing more heat insulation for your home. As well as protecting your home against bad weather and retaining heat, UPVC windows also provide aesthetic benefits meaning your home won’t look dated and still maintain its style as well as being easy to clean.

UPVC windows can also benefit by being energy saving and environmentally friendly. Double Glazed UPVC windows have insulating properties which help keep cold air out and warm air in, which can help by saving you money on your energy bill and reducing your carbon footstep.

Casement Windows

There are many different UPVC designs you can choose to fit in with the style of your home. Casement Windows also have a number of advantages that will ensure that they are the best for your home.

The design features for Casement windows are endless with a range of different designs available to suit your home. These different design features can include:

  • Flat top
  • French
  • Push out
  • Top down grille
  • Colonial grille
  • No grill

One of the biggest advantages of this is the fact that Casement windows can be designed to your own requirements, making you in control of how your windows look on your house.

They are also easy to open and close because of the use of single level latches and like the UPVC windows, are energy efficient as well as providing an aesthetic benefit for your home.

Sliding Sash Windows

UPVC Sliding Sash windows have all of the e same benefits as UPVC windows but still maintain the traditional features of sash windows which slide up and down.

The main benefit of Sliding Sash windows is the fact that they can add quality to your home from an aesthetic point of view. Choosing sliding sash windows can be a beautiful addition to your home.

As well as becoming a beautiful addition to your home, sliding sash windows are low maintenance and like all UPVC windows, provide high insulation making them environmentally friendly as well as saving you money on your energy bills.

For more information, we have a whole range of UPVC windows that you can choose from.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Like Sliding Sash Windows, Tilt & Turn windows can also be made out of UPVC and are ideal for your conservatory.

Tilt and turn windows offer a simple solution for finding the perfect windows to suit your needs, with the option of tilting your windows inwards or fully opening them outwards.

They can also be the ideal solution for rooms with limited space. Like all windows mentioned, they can regulate the temperature of the room and also add an extra level of security.

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