Do self cleaning glass roofs really work?

Being a sceptic by nature, I always find it hard to believe in new technology that I haven’t tested myself, so when I first came across self cleaning glass I wasn’t convinced it would work. But of course, I was proved wrong.

When self cleaning glass was launched some years ago I was living in a house approximately half a mile from the sea, so my conservatory roof was a frequent target for low flying seagulls. This meant years of laborious cleaning of my polycarbonate roof with a broom and lots of soapy water. When we eventually replaced the polycarbonate roof with glass I was expecting this cleaning routine to continue. But wow, was I surprised!

As per usual the seagulls prepared their attack on my new glass roof and it looked as though it had been the target of a whole flock of them! I wasn’t looking forward to my Sunday afternoon off with the designated job of roof cleaning. But the heavens opened on Friday evening and rain was abundant until Saturday morning. On my return from work on Saturday afternoon, somewhat bedraggled from a day of surveying in and out of the rain, I poured myself an orange juice and went to sit in the conservatory to write up the jobs that I had measured. It didn’t hit me at first, but after a while I realized that apart from the odd little mark, my conservatory glass roof was clean!

The self cleaning glass roof had actually self cleaned – talk about Eureka moment!

Self cleaning glass does just what the name suggests. Obviously it’s not quite as good as spending hours cleaning it with glass cleaner or soapy water, but in the same way that some bleaches are said to kill 99% of germs, self cleaning glass gets rid of most of the dirt or other deposits from the glass. I’m a convert, self cleaning glass does work!

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